Hisense Q8 Front Speaker Vs Yamaha YAS-108

I've just upgraded to a 65" Q8 and the inbuilt front speaker (that looks like a mini soundbar running the full length of the bottom panel) is surprisingly decent. It is arguably bigger than the YAS-108 anyway. I can't find any specs on the frequency range or what the in-built speakers actually are (how many speakers behind the mesh, size of drivers ,etc).

I have a Yamaha YAS-108 which is probably showing its age now. Do you think this would still be worth using? It's a bit unsightly on the wall and it is hard to tell if it is still up to date with the latest dolby/DTS/etc that movies/streaming are using.


  • Can't you just plug the soundbar in and listen to what sounds better?

  • so what ended up better?

    • YAS-108 but to be honest the Q8 speaker is pretty good. If I didn't already have a soundbar I wouldn't feel the need to buy one

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