Another Oral-B Help Thread (Genius Smart 5 5000)

Hey all,

I have just created an alert for oral-b deals so hopefully I don't miss the next sale. I know these come up often across many sites an many different models.

The Mrs and I are after new electric toothbrushes. We have used the cheap $25 when on sale price at woolies toothbrushes but they only seem to last a year or so and we are ready to upgrade.

These are on sale at the moment st Costco north lakes Are these a good buy? These have the lithium iron battery. I hate buying an inferior model when the genius 8000 was on sale for the same price at Costco!

Is there much difference between the two models?

Thanks heaps for your input



    What did Rob say when you asked him?

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      I didn’t say anything


    Do you need any of the Bluetooth smarts or slower cleaning modes? These are $89 and are around $70 on sale. They have l-ion batteries and have the same motor as the higher end models. I believe the 1500 and up have the better motor.


    Just upgraded and found a big difference between the two. The 8000 is much lighter, the motor is significantly quieter and the battery lasts much longer. I would try to find a lower end model with the same battery/motor as the 8000 (I don't think the Bluetooth is important).