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[SA, NSW, VIC, QLD] 40% off SWG Wine Mystery Box 6pk $33, 35% off Bin Shiraz 6pk $54.60, Moscato 6pk $39.99 Delivered @ SWG Mini


Thanks to everybody for the last time deal and we are always improving to find a bargain wine for you!

The Good News this week!
Our main brand Auswan Creek is listed in The Top Wineries of Australia 2021 by The Real Review.
In the future, there will be more deals and more good wines to share!

Bin 88 Deal: 6 bottles of brilliant wine, not astringent and tight, but delightful on the palate and better with friends and your fav food!
Mystery Box Contains: 1 Premium Red is promised along with 5 other very interesting wines. Most of them are reds. And we only have very limited quantities!
2019 Moscato, low-alcohol, easy-drinking Moscato for your party and relaxing moments!
2016 McLaren Vale Shiraz, beautiful, sexy blue and red fruit, that dense and subtle fruit flavour are good with your red sauce pasta, pork chops and steaks.

There are 4 options, just click the link, choose [Shipping] and enter the codes!

I-Shiraz 6-pack: Yummm! Use code: SWGBIN to get it for $54.60!

II-Moscato 6-pack: Yes I love MOSCATO. Use code: RDSMOS to get it for $39.99!

III-Mystery Box 6-pack: SUPRISE! Use Code: RDSMYS to get 1 box for $33.00, 2 boxes for $59.40!

IV-Shiraz 6-pack: McLaren Vale = excellent fruit and beautifully aged.Use Code: RDSRED to get it for $84.99.

*The Mystery Box carton packaging is random due to mixing;
**Shipping to SA and Metro NSW, VIC and QLD, please check this page for detail:
***With the overwhelming number of orders we are looking for up to 10 working business days for delivery, but we are looking for a best-in-class delivery solution and try to get them quick!

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  • +5 votes

    Purchased the mystery box for red last time..
    Got 1 white and no label at all… not sure if i should try drinking it or not.. lol


      Hello Macky, the white is Adelaide Hill Sauvignon Blanc we sneaked in there, give it a try!

      • +1 vote

        I think the point of ordering a carton of red wine is to receive red wine, not white.


          Hello there,

          Your comment does not match our description.
          This is the item description we used:

          Mystery Box Contains: 1 Premium Red is promised along with 5 other very interesting wines.
          Most of them are reds.

          In fact, we can remove some wines customers do not want if you describe your needs.

          Thanks for your attention.

  • +1 vote

    Just did a quick Google search on the company as I've never heard of them before. Owned by a Chinese business man, selling tens of thousand of bottles to China. No wonder they're on sale.


      I believe everybody, every deal can be posted as long as they meet the requirement.

      Everybody deserves a chance to sell.


        Hang on, where did I mention that it wasn't a deal ? I just think that some people would like to know that SWG isn't an Australian owned business; especially as it is Chinese and would prefer to keep the money in Australia. I'm sorry if you don't like it and got upset, that wasn't my intention, I'm only stating a fact.

        Please put up as many deals as you like, there will definitely be people out there who will buy what you are selling.

  • +1 vote

    "The Good News this week!
    We are nominated as The Top Wineries of Australia 2021"

    What on earth do you mean?
    I don't mean to whine, but it's false advertising which is illegal if you make a claim like that with no substance.


      Hello Sean,

      Thanks for your question, as for your question, it is from The Real Review.

      • +1 vote

        So you're Yarra Yerring (The top winery)?
        I searched for it on your site:
        Sorry, no results were found for "Yarra yerring"

        Or maybe you're one of the 446 "select group of wineries that consistently produce excellent wine".
        Not sure what a winery would have to do to miss out?

        And which one are you?


    I purchased IV-Shiraz 6-pack: McLaren Vale and I never received an order confirmation but the funds were deducted from my account. So, last night I filled in your 'Contact Us' page trying to confirm my order. I am yet to get my confirmation OR hear from you!!!


      @JaytheWinesnob do you plan on responding? You've been online since I posted.

      All I want to know is that my order is confirmed.
      PM me or reply to my first contact attempt.


      Hello Alex,
      Thanks for leaving message, your order is processed and will be shipped later this week! Sorry for your frustration and we will work on better communication!


        Thanks for finally responding. However, I have only received a payment receipt. I have not been sent any order confirmation showing shipping details? I want to make sure its being shipped to the correct address. Can this be sent ASAP please.


          Hello Alex,

          Your order status is updated earlier today!

          It is confirmed and shipped!

          Thanks again and also please check the latest email from me!