Non-Apple lightning cables - recent experience and recommendations

I hate buying these charging cables from Apple, they're ripping us off, I think I have been through at least $200 worth of charging cables over the years. The kids break them all. I've even taken to adding a USB A plug to socket extension so there's less pulling on the short leads, but they still manage to kill the lightning end.

Anyone got any recommendations for non Apple cables that have a lifespan?

Anyone tried these magnetic add ons in the phone so you don't have to keep plugging in the lightning part to the phone?

Thanks Ozb'rs


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    Buy Anker braided lightning cables and never look back. They'll last for years and years.


    I bought the Amazon Basic ones.
    Bought it since January 2019, still charging fast and working amazingly- they are braided so pretty durable to me, lots of colour options too :)

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    Had similar issues then bought wireless charger.


    I swear by these right-angled cables on Amazon. So much more durable then any others and my kids have gone through a lot!


      right angle makes sense, they seem to fail due to cable stress, being bent when the device is used when charging this should definately help


    I'd recommend Micro USB -> Lightning adapter that goes for $1 each. Works OK for charging and data transfer.


    Not fully sure if aliexpress links are allowed so mods feel free to delete, but I got this , took like a month to arrive, but a 2m charger for around $4 isn't that bad, plus it's got a bent end so it's easier to hold your phone while charging, but it might not fit depending on the thickness of your case. I've only had it for just over a month so I can't speak on the longevity of it, but so far it's been fine and seems to charge at the same rate as apple ones.