Household Tablet... What account do you use?

I just got an android tablet for the house to use. My 6yr old will be using it for code camp during the school holidays other than that it will be a random tablet for the house that the kids will mainly use. I just use phone and laptops. I have a legacy gsuite account for account creations… Do I;

  1. Create an account for her and make that the main login for the tablet?

  2. Make a 'Tablet' account for the main account and then add mine (without syncs) for all the apps

  3. Login as me and disable all syncs

  4. Other

What do people generally do with their other no longer used legacy accounts?



    I always make a separate account for things like that, but I don't share apps or pay for content on them so I guess that's where it gets tricky.


    I use family (up to 6 accounts)
    Then I set the billing method for the family to a debit card with $0 on it so people cannot transact, but is fast to transfer money to.
    Set up a communal Gmail account and add to the family. Then it should have full access to apps / movies ect.


      Sadly the legacy gsuite accounts don't support family. My non gsuite account doesn't have any purchases on it.

      I tried creating an additional user on the tablet but it didn't have access to any apps download by the admin. That plan failed =\


        This drives me nuts - almost worth ditching the domain