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UNO Card Game $5.95 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Not as cheap as the previous deal at $4.50, sharing this in case anyone is interested at this price.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      Probably a fake though.

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        Pay via PayPal and if it’s fake PayPal have a counterfeit policy where they refund that stuff and you commit to destroying it…


        Easy way to check. The official packs have these phrases on its back:
        •Race to get of all your cards
        •When you're dowm to one card, don't forget to yoll UNO!
        •Includes: 108 Cards and Instrucions
        Nunber (underneath a picture of one of the cards)


          Does it include all those typos as well?

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      $4.95 with free delivery - only with Kogan First https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/uno-card-game-00746775036744/
      ($5.95 + delivery without Kogan First)


    Is there a huge margin in making fake UNO?
    I always thought it was the more expensive games that have fake copies

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      Unomafia mate


    Ok, there was a recent promo on TV and they were pronouncing UNO differently to how I've known it.

    Is it:

    1) YOU-NO


    2) OO-NOR

    I've always known it as (1), and was Greta Thunberg level annoyed at the (2) pronunciation.
    Can the OzBargain brains trust set me on the path to enlightenment please.

    Apparently you're supposed to say it like Spanish/Italian "one" (2), but my entire life it's been (1) and I'm very "how dare you" at possibly raising my kids to say it the wrong way- even though the game was developed in the USA so it should be English pronunciation.

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      It's oo-no. Drop the R. And Greta too.

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      It’s OO NO. Same as the Italian and Spanish pronunciation for the number one (even though it was developed in the US)