iPad Pro vs iPad Air discount

Hi All,

I’m in the market to buy either an iPad Pro or an iPad Air and looking at both of them are very similar should one should I buy ? I’ll buy for watching YouTube videos and taking notes and using Apple Pencil to draw.
Is 64GB going to be enough or 128GB for iPad Pro / Air.

In terms of discount I found Apple education site gives discount without even proving I’m a student or my kids are students. EPP gives very little discounts. Just asking if there’s a way to buy iPad Air latest generation cheaper. I assume iPad Pro won’t have much discounts as it’s new.


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    Apparently pro is better for pen work due to pro-motion.

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    Cool. What ways can I get some discounts off iPad Air or iPad Pro ? I’m just wondering if I buy from Apple education store what’s the catch if I’m not a student ? How would they find I’m not a student ?

    Is there lightning deals on iPad pros with gift cards etc ? I know ipads you can price match and buy Gift cards for JB hifi 5% discounts

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    Help me buy guys ?
    Also what screen protector should I buy which gives a paper like writing experience?


      Get the original paperlike screen protector from paperlike directly. It gives the best paper-like writing experience and doesn't fade/sand down your Apple Pencil tips like some of the cheap copy cats. Pricey, but worth it for sure

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    I’m so ready to press the trigger to buy the iPad Pro


    If you can, go for the M1 iPad Pro. It's stupidly fast (so fast in fact many iPadOS apps have yet to be optimised to use all the compute power and extra RAM) and that alone future proofs it for a good 5 years at a minimum in my opinion, especially considering the 2018 iPad Pros are still competitive in today's landscape essentially matching the performance of the current-gen A14 iPad Air.

    Since you're watching videos, it also has two additional speakers over the iPad Air, although the differences in sound quality between the two models is negligible to all but the audiophiles.

    The 120Hz ProMotion display doesn't really benefit you at all in this department, but it does make an notable difference in notetaking using the Apple Pencil compared to the 60 Hz display on the iPad Air, particularly if you have a very astute eye for displays and are sensitive to small delays in your Apple Pencil input showing up on screen.

    I'm a big advocate for the iPad Pro, but in saying that, for the average Joe, the iPad Air is a great value and is more than enough. The issue is the 64GB on the base model isn't really enough for more than a year or two of use, especially if you take lots of notes, annotate many PDFs, or are planning to download instead of stream videos. Stepping up to the 256GB model iPad Air is $1059 (edu pricing) which is just $70 off the 128GB base model iPad Pro, and that extra $70 is a no-brainer for the extra hardware and features you get on the Pro model.

    You can try stack the Coles 10% off Mastercard gift cards to get some extra discount on either model, but besides that, the Apple Education Store discount is your best bet; they don't ask for student verification up front (as you've noted) but they may randomly inquire for student verification. If you don't have verification, it's not a huge deal — they just charge you the difference as if you paid through the regular website.

    tl;dr if 64GB of storage is enough for you, go iPad Air; otherwise, go iPad Pro — it's a no brainer.


      Thank you so much. I pulled the trigger and bought the iPad Pro 128GB. Bought the Apple Pencil now hoping Apple doesn’t see me as not a student and charge me the difference.
      I bought the case through Amazon and paper like screen protector to give the iPad paper like feel.

      I was watching some YouTube videos and saw some guys have full dark mode and use Apple Pencil to take notes using white ink. It looks cool but I can’t tell if it’s our built in notes or something else. If you know please do let me know


        I use mine without a screen protector. It is weird drawing on glass, but you get used to it. More annoying is cleaning off fingerprints which can make drawing over fingprints hard.


        My daughter dislikes the paper like screen protector on her iPad pro. She writes all uni notes on it and prefers the normal screen. To write on it is ok but it does take away some of the screen clarity.


    Ya true I’ll only get to know once I get the iPad today.
    In terms of the dark mode notes taking what app do you guys use ?


    What app is this guy using it’s so dark and looks so cool ?



    Sorry to bug you all but can someone please let me know what app or how he’s writing on the iPad ?