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Royal Comfort Quilt 50% Duck Down 50% Duck Feather 233TC (SB, DB, QB, KSB) $49 Delivered @ ABM My Deal


Experience every night in a superior white cloud of warmth with the Pure Soft Deluxe Duck Down Quilt designed by Royal Comfort!

Featuring a 50% premium white duck feather and 50% duck down fill with the added touch of being encased in an ultra-soft 233 thread count 100% cotton cover.

The 233-thread count 100% cotton cover has a wonderful pure soft touch. This along with its 500GSM weight and 50/50 fill ensures that the quilt delivers maximum warmth without the unnecessary weight.

It is finished with premium double-edged stitching and the quilt is encased with a clever baffle-box construction to ensure the lock in of warmth and ensure that there are no cold spots.


Brand: Royal Comfort
Fill: 50% Duck Feather 50% Duck Down / 500GSM
Pure Soft All-Season 233 Thread Count 100% Cotton Cover
Medium-weight with great loft for temperature control
Baffle box construction (walled design) to lock in warmth and ensure there are no cold spots
Finished with premium double-edged stitching
Comes in a carry/storage bag

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  • +1 vote

    Not all sizes if they don't have king. (King single <> king)


      No long single either


      There's no super king either.

  • +1 vote

    Still good deal though 500gsm isn't bad, bought one i think it'll be decent but if its crap I'll reply again

    • +1 vote

      $49 what do you expect really?

  • +8 votes

    Bought one a couple of weeks ago, it's so so so so so so so so so so smelly that I need to wear mask when I go to bed, no joke!


      At least Covid19 safe



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    was $35.from ebay Tuesday sale

  • +2 votes

    Also worth noting i saw a coupon code before checkout on their website it was SHOPAPP and gave me $10 of so total $39 including shipping for a queen size


    I've never used a Duck down/feather quilt before. Always microfibre or Merino Wool.

    How does this type of quilt compared to Microfibre and Merino Wool?

    I heard it could leak with tiny downs/feathers all the over the place.

    For 500gsm Merino wool vs 500gsm duck down/feather, is the down one lighter or the same weight as Wool's? Warmer?

    I did some google reading, but still want to hear real experiences from OZB fellows.

    Can you share its pros/cons compared to Merino wool?

    Is Goose much better than Duck one?



      Unless I'm mistaken I would be saying that 500gsm feathers vs 500gsm wool would have the same mass.

      Its thermal properties would be different however, and that is also the question I would be keen to understand. In the UK they grade warmth of quitls using "tog", but I'm not sure if there's an equivalent here?


      Sounds like you don’t live in a cold part of the country! Freezing here with two down doonas on top of me


        Can you help me answer the above questions? Thanks

  • +2 votes

    I don't recommend this, got in the eBay sale, it stinks. I've washed and hung it out for a week - still stinks. I will be donating or discarding


    Blanket permanently smells like fart.

  • +2 votes

    Read the reviews they are hilarious…quilts are apparently soaked in formaldehyde…