Best Retailers for Laptops (Online or Brick and Mortar)

I'm wanting to buy a new laptop pretty soon, mostly eyeing either the Asus Zephyrus G15 or the M16 when that drops, and was wondering what retailers are and are not recommended?
I know jbhifi have really good customer care in my experience, but I'll probably get a better deal though online stores. Just want to make sure that if anything goes wrong that I'm not screwed.


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    In my experience as long as it's like for like JB price matches online stores. Then pay with discounted gift cards

  • Harvey Norman has pretty good customer care, in my experience. But at what cost?

  • HN sometimes has good deals on acer laptops.

    Direct through dell or lenovo is often the best deal though.

    Amazon occasionally for some more obscure laptops

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    I've noticed with Lenovo that the online store has wider variety than the physical retail stores. Also physical stores tend to stock the older models. You can also contact the online store to see if they can do a better price than RRP.

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      Yeh I just got a laptop from lenovo online. Custom build 6 week wait but they do competitive pricing I just messaged there online sales staff to see what they could do as a test but decided to pull the trigger. you can also extend premium warranty out after purchase or during purchase and pricing isnt too bad either. Would recommend.

  • Depending what you're after, Metabox could be quite good. Personally I got my laptop from them a couple of years ago and everything was super good. Good communication, fast shipping to me. They even had a deal at the time where for only a small amount more, I could get their premium warranty for 3 years, which included them picking my laptop up from me wherever I am, then express shipping it back to their warehouse to be looked at/fixed, and express shipped back. Thankfully I haven't had to use it yet, but it's good to know it's there if I need it

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      The main thing I have against metabox is I've heard that the battery life isn't great and I need something with a decent battery.

      • Fair enough. I hadn't heard that, but I didn't get my laptop for the battery. It's never off power - I just needed something portable for when I go to other places (like visiting mum for example). No matter where I go, I'll always have power, so I didn't really look into battery life too much.

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          That's fair. I want to be able to move around different rooms when working without having to carry my charger.

      • They rebadge clevos so you'll find quite the variety, from media or slim powerful to huge power draw machines with desktop cpus and ram. Some tailored for battery with light tasks max q gpus etc have definitely existed (though Im not sure if they ever made any to support ultra low voltage cpu with igpu). You're probably right though as they seem to offer free* upgrades and I wouldn't be surprised to see a high refresh panel included as a free upgrade to a low tdp device. Also the battery saving bios software features can't compete with the big brands, though that may have changed but i doubt it.

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    Depends on the pricing, if the store can provide the model I would like. These days I just buy my laptop online and have it delivered.

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