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No doubt this is a tactic but on one browser, the prices of items on my wishlist are significantly higher than when using a different browser (where I am not logged into AO).

Anyone know why this is occurring and if it is indeed a shady tactic?

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Appliances Online


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    I noticed the prices changed when I bought from velocity points store in the past

  • different postcode?

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      Nah same postcode. Prices difference is over $200 for both the oven and cooktop

  • Was watching a washing machine on their site go up and down in price every couple of hours.

  • I think there price competiveness has gone down stacks lately.
    Years ago they used to be best Listed price on many things, now they are few and far between being best priced. List that is, doesnt mean you pay that price

  • I purchased an item last week. Listed at $544 , clicked through Cashrewards and price changed to $555 , logged in to pay via paypal and price changed to $549.

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    I buy loads of stuff from AA but almost always need to get them to price match. They have never refused a price match for me. Last one was a TV listed for $699 price matched at $516. The lowest price with AA service (next day delivery, removal of old appliances & packaging) is the best way to buy for me.

  • Just noticed a washing machine I've had my eye on has jumped up $70 this afternoon, compared to what they showed this morning.

    Guess I'll keep an eye on it over time.

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      I added the items I wanted on my wish-list and logged their prices over the last few months. Pulled the trigger on them a few days ago as they all were at the lowest price from the EOFY sale

      • I'm literally getting an add for the very model on this very page, showing $1388, which then shows $1457 when I click through!

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