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[Prime] Tontine T2891 Allergy Sensitive Pillow Duo Pack Medium $9.80 Delivered, Quilt (Double) $29 Delivered + More @ Amazon AU


Prime Deal. Lightning deal just started, ends in 8 hours or when sold out. 1 per account.

Looks to the be the cheapest yet, a further $3.19 off the previous $12.99 deal. RRP $30.

All previous deals.

Edit: Added Quilt in as well, double size only. Cheapest yet on Camels. Sold out

Edit 2: And some pillow protectors + alternate pillows (goodnight) in case anyone prefers or the sensitive pillow pack sells out.

This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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    "Save with used - like new $13.67" :O

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      Haha, those items from Amazon Warehouse are usually just damaged packaging. Recently launched here.

  • Not great reviews - can anyone confirm quality?

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      Product is great but generally tends to bit on softer side. Like their firm pillows are not so firm and medium feels really soft.

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      183 ratings with an average of 4 stars… pretty damn good reviews actually.
      I use these pillows and they're fine.

  • Is there a way to get around the 1-only quantity?

    • I don't think so, unless you have a friend/family member with prime or who is willing to signup for the 30 day trial. Lightning deals are usually 1 per account.

    • The normal 'firm' versions were $9.99, noticed they just jacked it up to $14.50 after this dropped. Would have been a decent alternative?

      • Yes same here i had cancel my order

  • Thanks, I realised only last night how gross my pillow is

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      I've washed pillows before - usually once a year- I usually wait until warmer months so they dry quickly out in the sun - I use a gentle handwash cycle on my front loader and then sit them on an airer out in the sun (with pegs on the corners if windy), and bake it in the sun. Keeps them fresh and don't have to replace quite so often.

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    I do not recommend these for the true OzB'er as you will sleep through all the deals with this comfy pillow. There is nothing worse then sleeping in and getting late to a deal and then blaming these pillows!

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      Need to find a deal on a bed of nails like the hardcore ozbargainers.

  • Thanks op

  • Looks like The pillows are gone

  • Pillow is OOS