Any Amazon workers on OzBargain? What's it like working at Amazon during Amazon Prime?

Any OzBargainers working at Amazon? Interested in how smashed Amazon workers get during the prime days. I imagine this is ever growing exponentially increasing every prime day there is. How are the amazon workers fairing during these couple of days currently?

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    Probably quite busy packing boxes. Try again in a week or two.

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    And peeing in bottles?

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      If not that, they’re probably chained up in a meeting room underground somewhere being force fed anti-union propaganda…

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        That is simply not true. Our workplace is a very loving environment and they use the softest silk when mandatory business appreciation discussions are held.

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    They probably hate Prime Day.

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      The same way a lot of retail workers hate Boxing Day. Some will, some won't.

      For some it's a day for dealing with 50x the problems you normally deal with. For others it's a normal day that goes 10x quicker because you are constantly doing something.

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        At least Boxing Day workers get penalty rates, I doubt Amazon workers would be getting paid any more than usual.

        • I hide all Amazon deals and Prime Day tag temporarily as I do not have the membeship. Amazon workers may thank people like me.

  • Worked in the US a few years back, I was just stocking racks with items, was extremely busy the couple weeks leading up to prime day, Christmas, etc. I wasn't trained on picking so, didn't have the work much once the shelves were packed full. We were offered lots of days off during the non busy periods.

    Normal shifts were 10hrsx 4 days, with 11-12 hour days during the peak periods

    Some people loved it because of the pay, I didn't mind it because my job was easy but physical, not extremely boring like taping up boxes (that was like a death sentence tbh).

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