Is OZB site down?

Been getting Error 502 Bad gateway and site is slow to load, on browser and mobile both.
on wifi and 4G too.



    and we are back…

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      can't complain further since its a free website

      And yet you still managed to…

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        further is the key word… however my previous statement was a clear mistake since we got DDoSed so its all good now


    Yes I got the 502 bad gateway too a few times. The website is a bit slow as well. But to be understandable with all these new deals from prime day and other sales popping up today (like The Good Guys). Hopefully back to normal tomorrow.


    Down for several minutes.


    Scotty needs more Threadrippers ;)

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    Ozbargain was ozbargained


    I was getting the same cloudflare error few days back.

  • Earlier today — there was a DDoS at around 1:15PM, probably from one of many users / reps we banned today.

    Just then — database was in stress over a runaway query. That should be fixed now.

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      probably from one of many users / reps we banned today.

      Wow, people get so entitled and petty nowadays.

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      Instead of banning them, just hide their deals from everyone but themselves. They'll go mad trying to figure out what they stuffed up when posting.


      They need to try harder if they want to take down this site!

      • Nope. Please don't. We've had enough headache already trying to keep the site up.


    Me too, Seen the gateway errors and slow page response earlier on.


    Today the mobile site shows up in desktop mode on my phone, not sure how to get mobile mode back, makes everything so hard to read


    It’s back again.