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[Prime] 20% off Aftershokz OpenMove Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones $103 Delivered @ Aftershokz Amazon AU


[AFTERSHOKZ BEST-IN-CLASS ENTRY-LEVEL BONE CONDUCTION HEADPHONES] The most accessible way to try bone conduction headphones, without compromising on sound quality and bluetooth chip. Perfect for sports and everyday use.

[COMFORT AND SAFETY] Open-ear design has a comfortable listening experience, with nothing in, on or over ears, keeping situational awareness to ensure a safer environment than traditional headphones.

[MARKET-LEADING] With 625 applied patents worldwide, 9-year innovation and advancement, AfterShokz are the pioneers of bone conduction sport headphones and redefine the listening experience.

[STAY PUT] The ergonomic wraparound design ensures OpenMove stay put, and the 29g lightweight means that the headphones feel almost weightless.

[RELIABLE PERFORMANCE AND GURANTEE] Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 provides a quick and stable connection. Six-hour battery life and 10-day standby time. Fast charging time of two hours with USB-C port. 30 days return and refund,Two-year warranty.

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  • Great price. I'm still using my titaniums

    • What are those? I really wanted a pair of glasses with this kind of headphones but reviews are aweful!

      • +2

        I have the Openmoves. If you're looking for sound fidelity, then unfortunately this is not the headset you're looking for. That said, there is a reason why I use these a lot more than my other headphones. They have fantastic utility as they don't block your ears. You can keep them on your head and still maintain a conversation, and be fully aware of your surroundings. You can even wear another set of headphones on top of these if you really need to. You can keep these on your head for literally the whole day and just pause the audio when you're not using them.

        I work in an office and like to listen to content while I'm working. Was getting really tired of having to pull my headphones off when someone approached me and ask what they had just said. This completely saves me from doing that.

        Also FYI… these are uhhhhh fantastic for ASMR content, which I found out totally by mistake….

  • Just bought a pair, i'm hoping they are good for podcasts while running and at work

    • You won't like them for running, the utility they give, the lord taketh away due to the open ear design. In that case the way to solve it is to wear ear plugs, believe it or not.

      Otherwise I recommend something from Sony, who like to have this 'surround awareness' microphone design, where you can hear everything outside of your over ear headphones. I used to find it annoying, but now I realise why Sony decided to go this route in modern times.

      • +1

        I love them for running and cycling for podcasts and music. Only when cycling gets over 30kph or so the wind noise starts to win sometimes. Not sure what angle you mean that they're no good running? Do they bounce around for you?
        I'm obviously not looking for excellent fidelity when I'm exercising outdoors so they serve a purpose. Good for doing gardening without sweating into earbuds which I think feels gross after a bit.

        • The open ear design isn't conducive for listening to anything around environmental noise. I've been using them for a few years now. They're fine for quieter environents though.

          I'd use sound isolating ear hook type headphones/earbuds instead.

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