Delivery timeframes for Apple iPad Pro Purchase from Qantas Store

Hi folks,

Just wanted to check with those who have previously purchased an Apple product from the Qantas Store, namely, an iPad, how long it took for them to receive their purchases? I just recently purchased an iPad Pro 11" (2021) from the store with my QFF points during the Apple sale on 8th June and the est. shipping on the product page was 28 days (est. delivery 9th July). Does it generally take that long for them to ship from their suppliers?


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  • Few years ago now but my Apple Watch was delivered straight from Apple bang on the quoted delivery date.

    • Thanks for your input.

  • Not an ipad but still waiting on AirTags ordered 18th of May.

    • Crikey that's a long time!

    • I would contact them, that seems unusual.

      • Oh yeh i did, the original estimated delivery date was 11th June when i ordered, after that date passed i contacted them, and they apologized for the delay and updated the delivery date to the 25th June.
        But yeh i dont think im getting it by then either cos it still just says processing (and not even in transit) as of today =(.

    • That is extremely weird given that I placed an order, through the Qantas Rewards Store, for 1 AirTag (same as you) on 9 June. Marked as shipped on 22 June. I received it today (25 June) - it was shipped directly from Apple.

  • It's generally similar to the delivery times when ordering directly from the Apple site. The orders come directly from Apple, it kinda feels like they drop ship your order. Sometimes you'll receive it earlier than Apple's estimate, but I've personally never received anything later than estimated from Apple.

    • Really? It's odd because on Qantas store it estimates 28 days, but if I look on Apple's site, if I try to order the exact same model it estimates a delivery timeframe of 28th-30th June. I wonder what's the cause for the huge delivery timeframe discrepancy if they're coming directly through Apple.

      • Not sure. I'm only going by my experience, which is that the Qantas estimate doesn't reflect when I've received my stuff.

        Just as an example for orders last year, one item Qantas said woud take 2 weeks that I know was readily in stock at Apple ended up arriving in three days. Another item Qantas estimated to be delivered in 3 weeks, but was 4-6 weeks on Apple's site. Sure enough, it arrived 4 weeks after I ordered.

        I can't say for certain that you'll have the same experience.

        • seems rather inconsistent then :S Hopefully isn't too much longer for my delivery. I have everything else I need for my iPad ready. Everything except the actual iPad lol.

  • Ordered an iPhone some months ago. Nothing happened /no status change for ages, then suddenly became “on its way” (or similar) and arrived a day or two later. Probably 4-5 weeks (?)

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