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[Prime] Hugo Boss The Scent Eau De Toilette Spray, 100ml $58.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I think this is the lowest I've seen? or the decent price for it.

Some may not like but I enjoy this bit of strong cinnamony smoky? scent.

Anywho there are 200ml ver of this for $79.99 so yeah up for grabs~


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    Very pleasant scent, nothing not to like about it, wish private accord was on sale.

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    This, along with many others from the scent line unfortunately have very poor longevity.
    Both this and private accord only last 3-4 hours no matter how much you use.

    Pretty poor from Hugo Boss Tbh.


      Depends when you use it, they are made for cold weather, 20-25 and under degrees, plus don't apply it on the skin.


    Boss bottled is 44 dollars however I was after the intense version, but it's cheap enough to bite 100ml btw

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    The lack of 'longevity' is a universal problem now I have noticed. Absolutely none of the commercial fragrances these days last very long at all. Most, if not all appear to be variations of the original formulas using cheaper ingredients resulting in lack of length. This is obviously to increase profits, and ensure that you have to frequently buy more. It's very sad, but you just can't get decent quality fragrances (or most other products come to that) without going to some boutique product at much higher prices.

    The manufacturers are basically making these to a price point, and that means reducing the quality in most cases. I first noticed this with a fragrance I had been using since I was a teenager in the 70's (Givenchy 'Gentleman'). It used to last all day, now you're lucky if it lasts for an hour. It has hardly any oil in it, mainly volatiles.

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      Totally agree.

      It's a shame when it takes a clone house like Armaf to make better versions of the real thing for a quarter of the price.
      It's pretty hard for the original manufacturer to argue against that when they've let down their own customer base.


        What good ones do Armaf produce?

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          Club de nuit intense
          Tre nuit


      Try Fahrenheit by Dior. it will clear a room.


    When i click on the link, it's showing $80.44, not $58.99