Any Opinions on This Cheap 49" Monitor from MWAVE

Just stumbled across this and can't seem to find a whole lot of information online. Curious if anyone knows anything about it. Do realise you get what you pay for. TIA.

QSM Q49CHQB-DFHD 49" DFHD 144Hz Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor

SKU # AC41831 | Model # Q49CHQB-DFHD
Brand QSM
Screen Size 49"
Native Resolution 3840x1080 (DFHD)
Monitor Series QSM
Panel Type VA
Gaming Recommended Yes
Business Recommended Yes
Content Creator Recommended No
Home Recommended Yes
Refresh Rate (Max) 144Hz
Aspect Ratio 32:9 (Ultrawide)
Height Adjustment Yes
Tilt Adjustment Yes
Pivot Adjustment No
Swivel Adjustment Yes
VESA Mount Yes
Integrated Speakers Yes
G-Sync Ready No
G-Sync Compatible Yes
FreeSync Ready Yes
DisplayPort Yes
Mini DisplayPort No
Mini HDMI No
Thunderbolt No
USB Type-C No
Curved Yes
Integrated USB Hub No
Response Time Not Specified
Colour Depth 8-bit
HDR10 Yes
Brightness (Max) 400 cd/m2
Integrated Webcam No
Touch Input No
Portable Monitor No


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    Very low resolution for that size.

    For a little more money, I would go for the monitor I have - the AOC Agon 49"

    Proper 1440p resolution, Freesync, PBP, better inputs including USB-C, DP, HDMI, etc, USB Hub functionality, KVM functionality.

    To be honest, having moved up from a 34", I would happily go back to a 34" and maybe a 27" on the side, as I often need to use my work laptop and home PC at the same time. But if you're running a single PC 49" is pretty wild. Huge though.

    Just be aware a full resolution 49" will need a decent GPU behind it too. And a big desk.

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      Yep, agree…

      I went from X34P to AW3821DW and honestly felt like I got worse at gaming. Too much realestate to keep track of.


      Would it make sense if the monitor can accept signal from 2 sources at the same time so you can have the work laptop and home PC occupy each side of the monitor?

      Or have the home PC connect to the monitor via 2 monitor cables and have the monitor split. This way you can have a game running on one side and the desktop showing on other (note its not the same as running the game in Windowed mode). Hopefully this should help with the graphics performance?

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        Hey bud,

        You can do that, and I do do that.

        The Agon 49" has PBP (picture-by-picture) mode which means you can show two inputs side by side - they are the exact same size as 27" 1440p monitor.

        So I often switch it to that and operate my work laptop with a 'double monitor' (the laptop screen + half the monitor) and my PC on the other half. But it does take a bit of fiddling to switch it on. Luckily the AOC has a great remote which is fairly painless - switch to PBP, switch main input, change the PC resolution. And then change the USB output to whatever computer I am working on. But it's not so fast or simple as to make it frictionless.

        You also lose some features. E.g. the colours go out of sync on the two halves of the monitor (the quality is definitely worse - this is the same for all PBP monitors of this size) and Freesync + a bunch of other features are disabled. So it works for gaming but it's not ideal.

        Note that not all large monitors have this feature, in fact it's fairly rare which is why I went for the AOC system.

        In hindsight, i would have been just as happy with a 34" for my home PC, a 27" for my work laptop / Nintendo or whatever else I have lying around, and a KVM switch to change the USB inputs painlessly with the click of a single button. And it probably would have cost about the same at the time too.

        Switching one monitor on or off is easier than the process outlined above.

        I have an RTX 2060 which actually runs most games pretty effortlessly on the 49" but obviously not at high resolution. The power required is a bit less than what you need to run a 4k monitor so it's not out of the realms of possibility for a good gaming PC. And I think the 49" format (or even 34") is way cooler than just a 4k screen.


          Thats a bummer that you lose freesync in PBP mode but it does makes sense given the circumstances. I never thought of this fact. I am hesitant moving up to 49" too because it is so wide and the increase in resolution will tax my RTX 3080. I know it is laughable but I tend to want high refresh rate and with extras to spare for longevity. So I am very comfortable with a 34" today as my only monitor for work and personal PC.

          Are there any good 34" today? Whats better than a 34" Xiaomi? I heard Samsung G5 34" is mediocre and the Gigabyte 34" is practically the same panel as Xiaomi but better tuned.

          BTW, do you think a KVM is better for this type of application? Sharing a single monitor and USB peripheral input/out with 2 different host machines without losing any performance? The cabling is just messy though.


            @Davesday: There was a whole new generation of monitors coming out when I got the AOC, pretty much right in the middle of the release window.

            If I remember correctly, some of the LG panels are great with some neat features. The LG 34GN850 was a bangin' new monitor but more expensive than my 49" at the time and lacking a few key features I wanted (while being far better in refresh rate and a few other things).

            The MSI Optix MPG341CQR was also supposed to be great for gaming but was missing some things I wanted.

            The 34" Dell displays are beautiful for productivity, video and photo editing, and had all the 'office-y' features I wanted like USB Hubs and USB-C inputs, but really lacked on gaming (Mostly 60hz).

            Honestly nothing ticks every box, and there is really a big divide between gaming orientated monitors, and office ones.

            AOC is a budget brand really, but the 49" I got was the only one that straddled both applications and had some of those key things I was after. I had the original AOC 34" and was fine with it, I think they make decent stuff to be honest.

            Work covered my monitor but if I was paying myself, I probably would have gone the Xiaomi like you (which was only just releasing at that point and hard to find).

            Once you start using a monitor, you probably won't ever think of your other options again - like who cares if the Samsung whatever has 20 extra hz or some other obscure feature? Get something that suits your needs and honestly it should last ages.

            When I was talking about a KVM, I more meant just a USB switch for key peripherals. The real hardcore KVMs are bulky and expensive. And honestly there are plenty of monitors with good built in USB hubs and switches.


    Price is right…
    But you'd want a big desk… I can barely fit PC and 2x27's on my desk a home :(
    Printer now lives on the floor


    1080p on a 49" is horrendous. It's also a VA panel on top. No wonder cheap. Avoid.


    As others have said, the pixel density on 1080 at that size will be completely unusable. Chunky, chunky pixels.


      It's not going to be a nice view, but it's going to be the same PPI as a 27" FHD display. Plenty of people use those.


        Surely not, that would be horrendous. 24", sure - but 27" @ FHD is just bad.


    Do you need 49" for any particular reason? What is your main usage? If it's gaming, I wouldn't go above 38" TBH. I went from an X34P to an AW3821 and can't imagine going larger. VA panel as well which is my least favourite over IPS/TN/VA/OLED.

    Also unsure on the brand, never heard of it but for $100-200 more you can grab an Acer with similar specs.

    PPI will suffer too on that monitor being only 3840x1080 across 49". 81.4PPI is on the low end. I'd try keep PPI to 90+ as a minimum for clarity but it all depends how good your sight is and how close you sit anyway. For reference my X34P was 109PPI and my new AW3821 is 111PPI

    If you just want a big monitor with a fast refresh rate perhaps this might be a better option at 43". Better peak brightness, higher res and 93.5PPI, well known brand.


    Pixel defect rates are higher on no-name monitors, since they use the B-grade panels that come out of a batch of panels produced by LG or Samsung et cetera.

    Plus all the issues OpenHand have raised

    Major inconveniences:
    * 1080p vertical resolution is not great
    * you need a big desk with enough depth otherwise you'll be sitting too close to the monitor

    Plus some minor inconveniences:
    * It seems to lack a USB hub
    * Doesn't appear to use a joystick for OSD navigation. Huge pain if you need to change settings on the monitor


    If you are happy with that resolution, I would just buy 2x 144hz 24" or 27" monitors and save ~$350.


    Cheap? It's nearly a thousand dollars!

    Do you need curved and 144hz? I would argue that few people do. Save $350 and get this 43" 16:9 4k monitor. More realestate, much better PPI, better brand, better panel (IPS) and still 60hz which is enough most of the time.


    @OpenHand @toshjammi @pharkurnell @Hybroid @trankillity @macrocephalic @scrimshaw @djkelly69

    This thread right here has helped me heaps. Truly appreciate all your comments. Thank you :)


      I still wanna know if the centercom one above this post is anygood :(