Icebreaker Hike UL Liner Crew Mens Socks Pair $14.98 + $9 Delivery ($0 with $49 Order) @ K2 Base Camp


I was reading about decent socks and googled Icebreaker deals.
K2 has a few models and sizes:

The best deal is probably the Icebreaker Hike UL Liner Crew Mens Socks - Black - $14.98 - Sizes S/XL

Some other options:
Icebreaker Hike + Heavy Crew Mens Socks $34.99
Icebreaker Hike + Lite Crew Men Socks - Earthern Heather/Bark/Oak $19.98 - S
Icebreaker Hike + Lite Crew Mens Socks - Jet Heather/Red/Black $23.97 - S/XL
Icebreaker Hike UL Liner Crew Womens Socks - Black $17.97 - WS/WL


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    This is a thin "sock liner" - worn under socks when hiking to give better protection from cold, for comfort & can help prevent blisters. Won't last long worn as a sock. But good when hiking worn under socks.

    Sock liners are great on multiday hikes in cold country - like the Overland Track (took 12days, with water freezing overnight). Easy to wash, absorbs the sweat, protects the feet.

    Bought a lot of gear in-store with K2 - always happy with the service & advice from experienced people.


      Thanks for the info. It didn't seem too thin in the photo; I guess I have to save it for another trip to Patagonia, maybe in 2023… ;)


        The clue is in the name - "liners".
        Once you've used them you know.

        Lucky you… I'd love to experience Patagonia! Always have wanted to go since reading Bruce Chatwin's book "In Pategonia" long ago.

        Might want to pack more than 1 set. Handy to stop socks smelling - wash the fast drying liners every night. That way you can travel with fewer socks.


    Shame there's only S in the Hike UL