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Baseus Jelly Wireless Charger Portable 15W Fast Qi Wireless Charger A$12.98 Delivered @eSkybird


Soft Light and Portable
Quick Response and instant Charging

Apply code OZJ358W at Cart.

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Baseus 15W Qi Wireless Charger Transparent Glass Wireless Charging Pad Details As Follow:

Brand Name: BASEUS
Charging Pad Material: Silicon
Features: With Cable
Connector Type: Type C
Max. Output Power: 15w
Material: PC+TPU
Input current: DC 5V/2A,9V/2A,12V/2A Max
Compatibility: Support wireless charging devices conforming to Qi standard
Weight: about 82g

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  • I got one of these, as they seemed to be great value (for my S21 Ultra). I have noticed some brown discolouration on the top of the unit between the outside plastic and the inside layer. Not sure what is causing it, but is kind of worrying (unless someone can explain to me why).

    Otherwise it is pretty reliable and only have 1-2 nights in the last few months where it didn't charge.

    Also, I bought it because it has a USB C connector into the base, but for the life of me, I can't work out how to disconnect it from the base without destroying the unit.

    • +3

      Otherwise it is pretty reliable and only have 1-2 nights in the last few months where it didn't charge.

      Seems like a major issue.

    • it was dirty af where you said, between the cover and the charger, i took off the jelly cover and wiped both sides inside clean with an alcoholic wipe. much better now

  • +1

    Great price…. but terrible website

    • +1

      They are still using HTML 2 for the website with a Pentium 2 server.

      • Curious so I had a look. It's coded in XHTML (HTML 4) using ASP.Net Web Forms (pretty old tech). It's a branded Taobao site (Alibaba plaatform for resellers) so you can't really blame eSkyBird. And they're using the Tengine web server.

  • I gave up trying to sign in as guest, it wouldnt let me pass, they missed out on a sale

  • +1

    Checkout system, made me feel like I was in 2002

  • code can be used only once.

  • Anyone got their delivery, so waiting for melbourne metro

    • Still waiting as well, getting to be slower than a Banggood purchase

  • still waiting for delivery, guess i just lost $13

    • Hi hopper, please send me your purchase number, I will check details of your parcel.

    • got it delivered yesterday in postbox, didn't get any notification abt delivery. Thx OP