This was posted 11 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Kenwood Chef XL Sense KVL6100T $441 Delivered @ Appliances Online


$421 delivered with newsletter sign-up voucher.

Appliances online has discounted Kenwood's KVL6100T to $491. Looks like cheapest elsewhere is around $529-549.

There's also a $50 instant cashback applied at checkout.

If you havent' I also reccomend signing up for email list from them for an additional $20 voucher for a final price of $421 delivered.

Other Kenwood mixers included in cashback promo as follows:
$30 Instant Cashback : KVL4100S
$50 Instant Cashback : KVL6100T
$70 Instant Cashback : KVL6300S
$90 Instant Cashback : KVL8300S
$100 Instant Cashback : KWL90004SI

As per usual don't forget to use your cashrewards/qantas shopping link when shopping at Appliances online for your 2% cashback or 1 point per dollar.

Looking back, it looks like the last deal for Kenwood posted here was 2018, so not sure how common a promo to this level is but thought I'd share in case anyone else was interested!

Happy shopping.

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  • +1

    Quite a good price.

    Last week there's a store on eBay (something ending with Kensington in the store name) selling this one for $549, after 22% EOFY code it would go down to $428. I called ApplianceOnline for a price match but they refused. Went back to buy from that store but OOS by then. Ended up buying a second-hand 1200W.

    • Probably Peters of Kensington, they run some pretty great promos every few months. Very popular especially for getting the KitchenAid at a more reasonable price.

      Hope you enjoy the machine you got! Any half decent one should last years, ain't nothing wrong with a well treated second.

      • Yes, that's Peters of Kensington.
        Do you know the difference between KVL4100S (the one I bought) and KVL6100T? 1200W vs 1400W; not having some attachments (e.g. something they called the folding tool - my wife doesn't know what it is for). Are there any other differences?

        My wife seems still reluctant to use that 1200W machine, thinking that it's not strong enough :(

        • +2

          I have the kvc 5100t which is 1200w and it is definitely powerful enough to handle those tougher bread doughs. Not a big fan of the folding tool, I much prefer to fold by hand when making delicate cakes.

          • @TTH88: +1 to folding by hand. It's much easier to control and maintain the air when doing cakes, mousse, souffle etc. nice to have if you're feeling especially lazy, but definitely agree. Luckily they all include the spatula in the box which you can use for it anyway!

            @Avarell I was umming and ahing for a whie between the two myself. Here's the comparison page I used

            looks like the 4100 is a bit smaller and over 1KG lighter which would be good if you're short on space or want to put it away when not in use.

            I don't think the extra 200W is neccessary so much, but I bought the 6100 since I figure it's got a little extra power redundancy which I hope will increase motor longevity. Most reviewers seem to suggest that the extra wattage is a benefit if you're giving mixers an extended workout with several loaves of bread for example, I'm guessing somewhat beyond what most of us home bakers will do for the most part.

            Plus I just liked the colour of the 6100 more.

  • Signed up to newsletter but didn't get any $20 voucher.

  • +2

    I bought it as a ozbargainer, now could someone tell me what to do with this?

    • +1

      Put all the other things you have bought in this EOYF season into its bowl and mix

  • The sense xl or the elite xl? Is the extra worth it for the elite model. Kenwoods website for seeing comparisons is quite clunky, so not sure if the elite xl is worth the extra $70 asking price

    • +2

      Honestly the two are almost indistinguishable from everything I've found. Only difference I could see was that a few of the tools are upgraded from aluminium to stainless steel?

      Bowl is apparently polished rather than brushed stainless steel, maybe easier to clean as a result?

      The unit measurements and motor specs themselves seem identical, could just be those features?

      Honestly quite strange how similar they are

  • +2

    Bought. Thank you OP.

    • +2

      Enjoy! looking forward to mine coming on Friday.

    • +2

      Bought the Elite XL.. just to clarify.

      • +1

        Looks like we have a few that have joined the Elite club then haha..
        what a great deal!
        was researching for a week or 2 now waiting for a deal to come up. patience paid off in the end i think..

        for anyone looking for attachments Peters of Kensington on ebay have quite a few in the range at $99 then 20% off on top of that. $11 postage but you could always sign up to the free trail of ebay plus if you havent already. or just sign up for one month $4.99 i think and you will still end up being in front

  • +1

    I had bought the Kenwood Titanium Chef Patissier Stand Mixer (KWL90004SI) from Appliances only 2 nights ago. Contacted support to see if I can have the order made eligble or cancelled for a reorder.

    For what it's worth, I went with the Patissier because my partner can use the heated bowl to make swiss meringue buttercream (a solid, stable frosting at room temperatures). Only concerns are about it being 300W less powerful, and more electronics to go wrong. Looks like it'll be an all time low of $889‬ ($1009 - $20 for subscribing -$100 for cashback), which was some of the cheapest Chef Elite XLs are going for at the moment.

    • +1

      Follow up: Support helped refund the order, and I replaced the order for a final price of $889. Bloody excellent!

  • I'm considering getting this one, but couldn't find any reviews on it. In their intro video, they showed using it to press some berries :(
    Did anyone get experience using this one for harder stuff like apples or carrots? Not want to compare with high-end ranges from Kuvings/Huroms, but how about comparing it with some middle range slow juicer like BioChef's?

    • I would say, unconfirmed but I have heard that attachments do use a fair bit more power on the motor. Might be worth looking at the higher wattage if thinking of using it often.

      Hope there's someone who can advise on the attachment though, I'd be curious myself

    • i googled the model number and on the right hand side there were google reviews, albeit from other countries but likely relevant

      if you are looking for it David Jones currently have it on special for $85, and atm there is an offer of extra 20% off bringing it down to $68

      • Thanks.
        Yes, I started looking for it since last week, saw the link on DJ's website, but it says OOS.
        Did you see it somewhere else (I couldn't find DJ's ebay site)? How can I get 20% off?


        • Ah ok, when I replied they were still available, the 20% off was taken at checkout.

          Haven't seen it elsewhere for the same price

  • +1

    this could be a better deal for attachments for people who have access to The Good Guys Commercial access, prices start at $49 and go up to $99.
    They don't have a huge range but have listed the ones they have below

    Kenwood Chef Sense XL Stainless Steel Bowl KAT531SS

    Ice-Cream bowl attachment AT957a
    Kenwood Glass Blender Attachment - KAH359GL

    - pasta attachments(Trenette, Fettuccini, Taglione , they don't seem to have the lasagna one)
    - multi food grinder KAX950ME
    - Spiralizer KAX700PL

    Food processor attachment KAH647PL

    • +3

      Looks like you are already onto the "upgrades" even before you received your appliance. A true ozbargainer. 😜

      • +1

        I figure if I can't bake then at least I might be able to slice and dice hahah

  • Thanks, got it.

    Are the attachments are any good? I got Russel hobbs classis food processor so wondering if I can get rid of other appliances and just get the attachments if they're worth it.

    • I wish I had experience, just received the mixer itself today and it’s been fantastic.

      Reviews for the accessories on Good Guys and other retailers seem pretty decisively positive, but someone should really do a whole range accessory review, would be a huge help.

      If they’re any good I’d have the same idea as you

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