Charging Eufy Wireless Video Doorbell without Taking It off The Door?

Just got one of these from a recent deal and was wonder if anyone had done this - drilling a small hole through the door for the 2 wires, then soldering the wires up to a male USB A plug which can then be powered by a wall charger or charged by a power bank? Doing it this way would prevent downtime from having to take it off to charge.

I realise there is also a micro USB port on the rear however the hole on the door would have to be a lot bigger to be able to accommodate a micro USB plug than just 2 thin wires.

Did a quick google but didn't find anything like this - has anyone here had any experience?


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    Might be less effort just to get the wired doorbell at this stage…


    a battery bank if your not concerned id get pinched while it gets charged


    I mean you could just charge it overnight one night for the 6 hours needed to go from 0% to 100%. Or better yet, if your worried about charging it at night, do it during the day if your home for a few hours….

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    You can run power to the eufy battery doorbell, I got sick of charging mine so I got an ac power supply from Jaycar plugged it in up in the roof and run the lead down the wall and into the back of the eufy doorbell. Been working for about about 12 months now with no issues.


      this is what I'm thinking of doing! Great to know it's working for you. 👍