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Dune 270 Awning $349 @ Anaconda (Club Membership Required)


Bit of a niche product but it's cheaper than its usual $399. I have the XTM model from BCF and have been very happy with it. This has a different design so I'm not sure how it compares.

With that being said, the BCF XTM model can be had for $319 with code SAVE80

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    The dream is the darche but so ezzy


      Haven't seen a darche in person but agree, looks like it's built solid. These should hold up fine in winds and rain. Just not huge gale forces.


    $339 (excluding delivery) for the Kings one (based on todays price) https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/270-king-wing-awning-integr...


    I don't own a Dune 270 degree awning but when you compare the Kings vs the XTM vs the Dune you'll notice the Dune to have plastic pivot eyes in the main pivot hinge where the 4 awning arms pivot where as the other two have predominately metal.

    Given that's the weight bearing point that'd be my concern with the Dune awning.

    If you go read up on 4WD forums and groups the 270 degree awnings in general have a lot more failures due than a standard awning so buying the cheapest on the market comes with a big YMMV warning.

    Out of all the things I've bought from Kings, the 1300mm rear drawer and their collapsible sink are the only things that haven't broken yet.
    (Air Compressor, Awning, Light Bar, Spot Lights, heck even spot light relays, car seat storage all crapped out which no abuse nor discernible reason)

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      I avoid Kings where possible for this exact reason. The BCF and Anaconda stuff isn't perfect but it's a better bet on longevity and I find dealing with warranty easy, but not the easiest.


    When I win the lottery, I want this one. Or let me know when this one is 1/3rd of its current price