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Epson Ecotank ET-1110 $198 +Delivery (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Bought this Printer 1 week ago and they dropped the price to $100 at that time it is still on the same discounted price.

Harvey Norman: https://www.harveynorman.com.au/epson-ecotank-et-1110-single...

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    Did you mean to say they dropped the price BY $100- to $198-?

    HN didn't mention wi-fi in the features. I guess it does have wi-fi?

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    Personally I prefer EcoTank Multifunction Printers (Quality Refurbished Products).


    Yes you right and right, it doesn't have Wifi and it is single function print only, their Retail price was $299 3 weeks ago and was looking at this printer quite some time, for $198 its a bargain of colour printer.


    Laser FTW

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      I agree. You can pick up a colour laser with wifi support for not that much more e.g. Brother HL-L3230CDW for $267. After-market toner kits are around $75 on eBay.

      That said, your needs may dictate an inkjet over laser e.g. transfer paper, photo printing, but if you just want colour on regular paper then laser is a better option: no wasteful printhead cleaning, drying ink, clogged nozzles


        Any issue with laser's fine particular in an enclosed space?


          I guess it depends on how much printing you are doing. For personal use, I probably wouldn't worry too much about it (open a window perhaps) but if you are looking at commercial levels of output, then it may be of concern.

          According to some studies, the emission from laser printers could reach comparable levels to those generated by indoor incense burning and cigarette smoking.

          Anything in this world in excess is going to be harmful to you - even something that's meant to be healthy taken to the extreme will kill you e.g. water intoxication, Steve Job's "fruitarian" diet


    I think its not work on wifi and single function.
    I think the quality is good as other inkjet.
    I am keeping an eye on 2750 and 3700 which hardly find on sale.


    Hi op can you comment on the colour print quality


      Print quality was better than my expectations, I printed few pictures on paper and didn't expect them that good based on my previous experience with other inkjet or laser printers. in my personal opinion it is my best printer so far.

      Another thing usually inkjet are quite slow in printing pictures but this printer is way faster then my older printers.

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    F HN


    anyone has this and tested connecting to a router for wifi printing successfully?