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Originals Pullover $18 (black) $19 (white) (was $64.95) / Originals Classic Zip Hoodie $27 (was $69.99) + Shipping - Bonds


These seem to be great prices for this classic pullover and the classic zip hoodie both of which are available in colours black and white.

Originals Pulllover white: https://www.bonds.com.au/originals-pullover-ay4ui-pxf.html

Originals Classic Zip Hoodie black: https://www.bonds.com.au/originals-zip-hoodie-ay8mi-myf.html

Originals Classic Zip Hoodie white: https://www.bonds.com.au/originals-zip-hoodie-ay4ni-pxf.html

At time of posting all sizes were still available.except for XXL for the Pullover in black and XXL and XL for the Hoodie in black.

$5.95 Delivery - $0 for Bonds & Me Members or $49 Order.


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    Great find OP - there's also the women's version for $16, grabbed a couple for the missus and a few of the men's for myself.


    I don't know who buys their classic hoodie for $67… Worth it at this price though


    Nice one. Thanks