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Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie with Graphic Black $30 + Delivery (Free for orders over $49/ Bonds Members) @ Bonds Outlet


Decent design for a nice heavyweight hoodie. All sizes available.

Pants also available for $22. - https://www.bondsoutlet.com.au/reverse-weave-jogger-with-scr...

Note - Members get 10% off, so becomes $27, which falls under the needed $29 for members free shipping.

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  • +11

    Great price - thanks mate, purchased one

    EDIT: Also a bright yellow reverse weave hoodie available here with minimal branding (only on left cuff) - https://www.bondsoutlet.com.au/reverse-weave-hoodie-axl3n-ea...

    • $57 for 2 Reverse Weave hoodies including shipping! Not bad at all!

      • $51.30 with the member discount

    • +1

      with minimal branding

      I mean, its already lemon yellow, why you care if branding or not haha

      • Lemon Yellow? "That's Australian Gold my friend and don't you forget it.”

    • +4

      I love this shade of yellow, but whenever I've bought tops in this colour I end up looking like Big Bird haha

    • Hi, i just ordered one but order list doesn't show anything however, amount is deducted from bank account. Is it common with bonda outlets?

  • Awesome price, just ordered some pants and a hoodie, might have to returned my amazon order now…

  • +4

    Wearing these trackies right now, had em for a couple years. Love em. Recommend being my favourite pants.

    • +2

      can confirm, v comfy

  • What size would a female, size 10 be?

    • S if you are ordering this male one but otherwise M if ordering female version.

  • +1

    Is it baggy. Look like I should go for s ?
    I am 176 80

    • +1

      Regular reverse weave sizing - go down one size from TTS.

      • wouldn't be S for 176 80 would it?

        • The sizing is weird for me.
          Normally I wear S or M for other brands, but for reverse weave hoodie, I have to go for L from my experience

          • @IUisdabest: I can attest to IUisdabest's claim.
            Just went to try on the script hoodie in person. I am normally a S/M but found L to be a better fit. As it shrinks horizontally moreso than vertical after multiple washes, L seems to be the better fit. 183cm/74kg.

    • Go with M.

    • Generally they look better a bit baggy, id go M

  • +1

    Shopback 4%

  • Thanks got the pants and a pair of wool socks for $30

  • Is there a size guide, can't seem to find one.

  • +7

    Champion, the new official sponsor of OzBargain

  • Thanks OP! Ordered a hoodie.

  • M sold out for lower

  • Only got 15cents cashback from CR? Order amount is a fraction of what I paid..

  • does this come in another color

    • +2

      Yes, a few of them if you want to pay more/ full price :)

  • Has the logo all over, nice if you want to be a walking advertisement lol

    • +2

      Just add the fake gold chains and baggy pants for the classic ghetto look.

  • +11

    This brand is a great case study, was the bomb in the 90's, went missing in the 00's and its now back in fashion…

    • +5

      Don't know why the downvote. But you are right

      Lots of 90s street wear dropped off the radar in 00s, 10s you wouldn't be caught dead in them and now they're fashionable again. Not just champion either, fila, reebok are seeing a resurgence too. Who knows maybe well start seeing Kappa everywhere too

      • +1

        Yeah I saw a young kids FILA 'cheater at Target today for $20!

      • Kappa is definitely really popular right now.. im personally happy about it, big fan of 90s fashion

  • +1

    Sizing from other comments are confusing me… Nevertheless good price for the hoodies. TQ OP :D

    Friendly reminder: you can't return these items (wrong size etc) unless there are faulty / they sent the wrong item

    As this is an outlet offering a range of discounted products, we do not currently accept returns for change of mind.

  • Thanks OP, ordered a hoodie, trackies, t-shirt and a pair of boxers for $64! Waiting for SB to track the CB

  • Great find OP! Thank you and I have looking for these previously in store but i can't justify to get $100+ hoodie and $90+ for trackie, but with this price even get a couple extra :)

  • Thanks OP! Was looking for a black hoodie after missing out on the amazon sale! I’m 169 and ordered one in M - my usual size and expect to shrink a bit with an air dryer- and one in L for when I want to be in a fetal position

    • +1

      air dryer?

      • +2

        Close relative of the air Fryer.

      • +1

        Haha sorry brain fart. I was thinking about air fryer and clothes dryer at the same time

        • hah. I googled 'air dryer', thinking I was missing out on something… and saw these huge industrial things… going hard!

  • What is with all these deals lmao

    • +2

      EOFY, trying to squeeze out some last minute profits and hit targets.

  • How do you get the 10% off, doesn't seem to apply? Is membership different from just logging in?

    • I just logged in and the discount applied automatically when I proceeded to checkout.

  • +3

    Note - Members get 10% off, so becomes $27, which falls under the needed $29 for members free shipping.

    Seems that the min spend is pre-discount; just paid $27 shipped.

    • I also paid $27 but after filling in my shipping details, it corrected to $32.95. Fiddled around with it somehow and got $27.

    • Paid $27 Delivered as well
      - Add to cart ($30)
      - Activated 'Shopback' Chrome Extension
      - Created Account
      - Discount Automatically Applied
      - Delivery was "Free" in the $ summary.
      - Paid with Paypal

      • No cashback if you added to cart before activating or clicking through shopback afaik.

  • Only S left in trackies, bought a tshirt for 14 + hoodie with 10% off cheers.

  • +1

    when did champion become back in fashion?

    • when it was ozbargained, of course!

  • +3

    It didn't. But put it this way, if you see someone wearing one of these you will know they are an Ozbargainer.

  • +1

    Thank you OP! Bought yellow hoodie and tshirt - $36.90 with free delivery. Nice!

  • +1

    Crazy price for the hoodie and I wish I could have got the trackies but all gone :-(

  • Cheers, been on lookout for black hoodie

  • hoodie currently only available in XS, S, M :(

  • Reckon the medium hoodie too small for a a 6ft1 male?

    • If you’re skinny and look like a clothing model yeah it will fit

  • I got some great help from Bonds Customer Service over the phone regarding my (failed) online order last night, which was pretty much all my own fault lol
    Impressive service, and she gave me a great 'price match' deal on an equivalent (better?) hoodie.
    My best bargain of the week!

  • +2

    Got mine delivered, they weren't kidding about heavyweight. Feels like a bargain for 22 bucks

  • +1

    Just received mine too. Love it. Comfortable and warm. Looks fine.

  • Ordered L and it's too baggy for me :(
    It's really tricky as there are too many versions of Champion clothing..

  • Ordered M and I find it true to size. Definitely not baggy and I normally wear Medium.