Buying NSW Car in WA, to Drive/Relocate to NSW

Hi all, long time deal scroller - thought I'd finally create an account to get some thoughts from the community.

I currently live in WA. Relocating to NSW towards the end of the year. I am in the process of buying a car, and intend to drive that car across from WA to NSW as part of the move.

I was originally looking for cars in WA. Knowing full well that once I drove it over I'll have by NSW law 14 days to re-register the vehicle with NSW. I know this can be a costly exercise too.

However last night I was thinking… what if I purchased a car in NSW? And ship it back to WA?
- NSW car market is slightly cheaper than WA,
- The cost to transport it via truck to WA should be quite a bit less than re-registering a WA car in NSW.
- WA let you have an interstate car for 3 months in WA without requiring re-registration. Plenty of time for me before I leave to NSW.

Am I missing anything here? Does this sound like a mess and I should just focus on WA? Transporting the car should be no more than $1K, however I've heard of NSW re-rego being close to $1-2K..

Also if I did go down the interstate route, I imagine I organise NSW insurance? or WA insurance? Confusing…

FWIW - second hand cars I'm looking at are about ~$35K… CX-5 etc

Thanks all.


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    Does this sound like a mess



      Any more/less messier than buying a car in WA and re-registering in NSW?


        Many things that could go wrong with this idea.

        • Used car could have unidentified problem/s and what happen if this stop you from driving the car from WA to NSW? That would ruin your planned schedule.
        • The transporting process could have problem/s, i.e. what if they are late? scratch your car?

        Those are the two that I can think of on top of my head.


    Do you have a place in NSW? You could register the car there. For insurance, pick one that operates in both states and change address when you move.


      Nope - don't have a place in NSW yet. Will likely look to secure 2-3 weeks prior to driving over. When you transfer ownership of a vehicle are you required to have a NSW address? Apologies, I haven't bought/sold cars in forever now - so googling feels like a nightmare with different links.


        Yeah, you have to put addresses on the form. They probably only care about the address it's kept at. Might be able to put it down as a friend?
        Just be aware of the NSW requirements for getting your car checked to renew registration (I think there's an age thing)


          OK gotcha, not a bad idea. Yes all the checks to renew rego in NSW is what's kinda got me looking at buying a regoed NSW car.. looks quite extensive and expensive.


          Just be aware of the NSW requirements for getting your car checked to renew registration (I think there's an age thing)

          Anything older than 5 years requires a pink slip to renew rego.


    Move to NSW first and buy a car there. Will be a big drive (cost: fuel, and accom) and theres always a risk you will hit a roo on the way - is it worth the hassle?


      Nah we will be driving. Cost of flights + flight for our dog + shipping my bikes over = accom/fuel.

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    It seems like the objective you have is to relocate to NSW later in the year.

    Do you currently have a car (or need one) right now?

    If not, consider (or similar) that lists cheap relocation offers. Then buy a car in NSW.

    Although buying from NSW seems attractive, what about the Cost (transport/insurance) to bring it to WA plus Warranty and Mechanicals.

    When your shiny NSW (Used) Car Arrives is there going to be any useful Dealer/Warranty support you can readily access in WA or through your long journey back across?

    Also, consider Auto Club Membership including Towing for your trip.

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      This sounds like an awesome option! Could actually solve a lot of what we want to achieve. I imagine there are other services than drivenow listed above? Can't see much availability for Perth > Syd. Anything I need to be wary of?

      Renting a (large) car to drive over with luggage etc, no added KMs on the new (used) car, and no hassle of transport/re-rego.. I like it.

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        This offers the same service. You may have to break your journey (ex: Perth->Melbourne and then Melbourne->Sydney)


    Getting NSW rego shouldn't be too much of an issue really, you need to get a blue slip, green slip (mandatory insurance) and then rego. The process is straightforward as long as you have a roadworthy car. If you are so inclined, there are also scalpers who do blue slips without even checking the car, I highly recommend against this though!


      OK cool - yeah I'd want to do it properly, and the car should have no issues passing roadworthy tests. Do you know approx cost of re-registering if the car passes squeaky clean? Might just be less hassle to buy in WA and deal with re-rego. Perhaps I was being a little opportunistic haha.


        Blue slip of there's no issues should cost you $67 which is the recommended price but a mechanic may charge you around $100 max.

        Green slip and rego cost depends on your vehicle and driving record but you can play with this website to get an estimate.

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    Or buy a brand new car in NSW, and pay less stamp duty once you have a NSW address…?

    Use the 1-way relocation service posted above to get over there, but in the meantime you could have a new car on order


    Buy in WA, register in NSW when you get there.
    It’s not hard to get a blue slip, especially on a newish car. It’ll cost a lot less than shipping an unknown car back to you in WA.

    The reality is that while holy are supposed to transfer within 14 days it’s higjly unlikely to be a problem if the car is still registered in WA and you don’t get into trouble with the law in it. The cameras on cop cars won’t know your address has changed unless you tell them.


      Yeah that sounds like the easiest option… not sure why I thought it'd be $1000-$2000… I'm looking at a 2013 Forester, regularly serviced and checked over by RAC so can't imagine there'll be TOO many issues that'll need fixing.