Missing Funds/Coins in Account Ledger

I was a lucky winner of a $500.00 crypto currencies 2017 with a free ledger nano s thought would leave as a nest egg .Just checked this month 4 were stolen sent to some ones account ledger checked . How with a 24 word recovery 5 pin code it was stolen told ledger it must be a inside job and to refund the lost coin $422.46 they said NO they said its a police matter they have a addresses where the money has been sent to . Why can they not get it back they told me to put a dispute with CoinDXC Exchange which i have has anyone had any problems like this any help not very smart maybe should have cashed it in years ago
All 4 were stolen January 10th & 11th 2021

Bitcoin -$218.53 MISSING

Ethergum -$110.76 MISSING

Litecoin -$31.05 MISSING



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    Punctuation and proper sentence structure would go a long way to getting your point across and people engaged. Sorry for your loss but it's gone.

    • And………Breathe

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    Is there a finders fee? - Asking for a Swiss friend.

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    So you kept a ledger that has 24 words pre-defined?
    Coins are gone, say bye bye

  • Ethergum

    That's a new one to me. Researching now.

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      Even the dentists are mining!

    • Its an Australian version.

      I'm going all in.

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    Crypto is not like a bank. Neither is ledger. They cannot "get it back" for you.

    A ledger nano is almost impossible to crack if you PERSONALLY set the 24 words and the pin. You must have (profanity) up somewhere

    • Key logging malware?

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        The pin is entered on the ledger itself so can’t be logged. The 24 word would possibly have to be screen recorded as I think it is clicking buttons rather than typing. I think the (profanity) up is not realising others know the 24 word seed.

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      It sounds like OP received the ledger nano already previously setup for him/her, and the crypto already loaded onto it. Whoever set it up obviously kept the keys for themselves to check on it later.

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    It's a really clever scam tbh.
    What they do it say that you've won $500 and mail you a "free ledger". They've already configured it and loaded it with the $500 worth of coins, so they know the 24 word secret to recover the wallets. What they are hoping for is that you load a heap more on there, so when they activate it, they scoop the $500 they gave you, plus all the other coins that you loaded on.

    You're lucky you didn't put anything else on there, otherwise you'd have lost it too.

    You can try filing a police report, but they're unlikely to care because the value is so low but also because crypto.

    • True that I’m still learning but would’ve transferred that amount of cryptos to another more secure wallet.

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        Hindsight. You would have thought it would be secure mate. Especially for people who are new to crypto. It's why it's such an effective scam :(

        FYI for all, whenever you get a hardware wallet, EVEN if it's still sealed, it's best to completely wipe and reset the wallet with a new 24 word recovery seed.

    • won it from xinja bank think it was when they closed it went missing

      • oh yea… totally trustworthy

    • We have a winner!

    • Seems like a relatively expensive scam to run though. Would cost at least $500+cost of a nano s($100?), assuming the ledger nano is legit. They just have identified OP as a potential whale?

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/350512

      Competition from 2017

      Im guessing when the bank closed up in 2020 they took what they could get from peoples accounts

      So initially might have been a genuine comp, but either a) someone knew they'd be out of a job and had some passwords written down, or b) one of the main people behind it took it

  • I was a lucky winner of a $500.00 crypto currencies 2017 with a free ledger nano s

    Never buy a used cold wallet or accept one from an unknown source. Treat all of these devices as compromised.

    Cybercrooks Are Mailing Users Fake Ledger Devices To Steal Their Cryptocurrency

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    If the ledger nano came pre-setup with the 24 seed words and pin set, then whomever set it up has access to your coins. You basically got given a prize and a key, but whoever setup the prize also kept a copy of the key. What you probably should have done is reset the ledger and setup new 24 seed words(assuming that the ledger nano is actually legit), get new wallet addresses(and copy them somewhere for reference), then either

    • use a compatible software wallet with the previous 24 seed words to then send the existing coins to your new ledger wallet addresses

    Or if you don’t trust software wallets at all,

    • reset the ledger nano again with the previous 24 seed words so you get access to that old wallet then send from there to the new wallet addresses, and then reset the ledger nano again with the new 24 seed words so you can check they made it there. Once all there, never use the previous 24 seed words again.

    There’s that old saying, “not your keys, not your coins”. Guess that can be expanded now to “not your 24 seed words, not your coins”

  • at least you can claim it against your capital gain -

    • Are you sure? Because I have a bunch of crypto I would be happy to "lose" (totally not to my cousin who could look after it for a few years) and reduce my tax.

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        This would be known as “tax fraud”.

        It’s sort of frowned upon.

      • hmmm i guess tech possible. as long as the account your brother used isn't linked to anything.

        like accidently transfered 1k worth of cypo

  • Why am I not surprised, people losing a whole lot of crypto without being able to recover any of it.

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