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[PC, Oculus] Free: Gym Class at Oculus App Lab


Jump into an NBA regulation-sized gym from the comfort of your home. Play hoops online with up to 8 others - or practice your shooting, passing, and dunking.

With the help of cutting edge physics, full-body kinematics, and state-of-the-art networking, Gym Class makes VR basketball feel like the real thing, even if your teammates are thousands of miles away.

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  • +1

    Privacy advocates will tell you Zuck will be watching you do those slam dunks

    • I feel bad for whoever ends up with my dunk data.

    • +3

      Yeah, zuck’s crew will be recording where your eyeballs go in the ‘virtual change room’ and then reporting you to the thought police. Only half /s.

  • Looks pretty cool, is it always free though?

  • How long before they start putting ads in?

    • They should add real ads in the arena

  • Do you need to wear ear protection while you play? Or is that just for throwing a javelin

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