What Are Your Thoughts about Using a VPN to Buy PC Games in Another Region?

I read a reddit post a few days ago talking about how Steam is cracking down on those who use VPNs to change their location to take advantage of the regional cheaper prices.

I will freely admit I've done this a few times (especially when the discount for a certain game never seems to go below 25%), but some argued that doing this inherently harms those in those countries by causing Steam to do things like eliminate regional pricing and forcing them to pay US rates.

So what's your OzBargainer perspective on this? Do you use VPNs to save money on Steam?


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    It's a world market, companies make billions from regional differences then cry foul if the consumer can save a few dollars by doing the same.

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      Few dollars? Are you using an Australian VPN from Mexico?

  • No reason to not do it if you can save some money. Obviously sucks for the people in those regions when companies stop doing regional pricing to prevent the exploitation.

  • It'll just mean that people will avoid buying games on Steam. It's not like they have a monopoly when it comes to digital marketplaces.

    As for games that are exclusively on Steam like HL.Alyx and Beat Saber, most people don't really have much of a choice but pay the aussie pricing as well as the mandatory 10% GST. There is no loophole since all payment to Valve is restricted to payment methods of your own country,

  • US rates are always the cheapest for everything in my experience. Are you telling me that the Yanks actually pay more for something?

    • Not all the time. I've frequently seen prices in Russia and Venezuela to be cheaper. I'd imagine there are others that I'm just not privy to.

    • Cheapest for what? Citation needed. Better not just be cheaper than Australia

    • I have not seen ANY game on Steam that is cheaper in the US than in Argentina, Russia, or Brazil, at least not according to steamdb.

  • a wise man once said "If anybody in this country doesn't minimise their tax gaming expenditure, they want their heads read."

  • Screw Steam and their ugly-ass 18 year old UI.

  • Is this a trick question??

    Are ozb users against saving money usin VPN's ??? is that the question?

    • Moral hazard?

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    I mean I wouldn't do it on my main steam account as that is important to me.

    GOG is by far the easiest. VPN to Argentina and add your desired game to cart, pay for it then disable the VPN, and your done.

    I got quite a few good games that were already discounted even more discounted.

    • That's a really great idea, sad that I didn't think of it myself. Especially since their games are DRM free.

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        Just keep in mind that their terms and conditions give them the right to suspend your account for doing this.
        So, I would not do this with your main account.

        • Thanks for the heads up, probably best to do it with an alt account.

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