Tennis Allowed during Lockdown in Sydney?

With the lockdown announced in Sydney, are you allowed to play tennis with friends if it's outdoors and less than 10 people?


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    Underarm serve only, must wear sweatbands. White uniforms only. Must apply the 9/16 rules AM hours during high tides.

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    can we go to bunnings

    • If your water pipe has bursted or leaking, therefore need to get plumbing supplies :).

      Watch out for Karen tho.

    • if you like the sausage

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    If you have to ask the reality is probably no. That's how I took Vic's 72 different lockdowns.

    After a few more good lockdowns you'll have already built a few things you and/or your family can do and just enjoy your time not worrying about anything

  • Only if you do it strenuously

  • Tennis, yes, ping pong, no. 1.5 apart…

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      That’s a small ping pong table

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    you should be able to. i was able to golf and play tennis during the lockdown last year. I had to find something to do while "working".

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    u can play, its exercise and u so happen to see a ball coming at ur direction while u are walk and hit it back to the person who it come from
    whether they are open is to be seen, but that don't stop people playing….

  • My kids' tennis comp and lessons have been cancelled for now.

  • It's exercise, play on my friend!

  • Should be allowed as per ‘exercise’ criteria, but you might find public or commercial tennis courts are closed. Website also says most ‘community sports’ are cancelled. I reckon go for it if you’ve got somewhere to play and can keep your distance (ie don’t gather when entering and exiting the court or before and after playing). Realistically lockdown is about preventing the spread of COVID, so if you can engage in the activity without getting close to the other person it should be fine.

  • Well it seems like I can still make online court bookings at my local tennis courts. Hopefully we don't see any cops show up.

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    Tennis will be fine. Elevennis or twelveis or more is prohibited.

  • doesnt seem much of a lock down. I just passed bankstown packed as

  • what about outdoor basketball or going to your local footy field and kick the footy around?

    If going for a run is allowed, surely those above are allowed too

    • Think about the principle of social isolation and the concern of how easily transmissible this delta variant is. Would you want to be playing in a group of people who are breathing heavily from exertion? Pick something where you aren’t close together - kicking a ball across an open space probably ok. Playing one on one basketball not so good.

      It’s less about what the rules are and more about being safe.

      • What about shooting hoops by myself?

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    Just found this, tennis is allowed guys, no need to argue anymore