PSA - Xbox Gold to Ultimate Upgrade (3 months) for $1


I am a current Xbox Gold subscriber, and have previously taken advantage of the trick to upgrade my account to Ultimate for $1 ( some years back). I tried to do the trick again tonight, and it worked it for me. I think they have a $1 for 3 months offer that lasts a few more days. I was able to add a 12 month Gold voucher to my account to take it to 2023, and that has now been converted to Ultimate for $1. (Next charge of $15.95 on 6/14/2023)

Hope this helps anyone else looking to upgrade. Best of luck.


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  • I got 3 months Ultimate for $1, I didn't have any subscription before, just powered up Xbox after more than 1 year and got that offer in the home page.

  • Had your previous subscription expired, if so how long? Mine finishes in August 2021 and the new/current offer isn’t showing for me.

    • My Ultimate expired ages ago - couldn't tell you when. My Gold was still active for another 2 years.

  • I got 1 month ultimate for $1.
    No gold subscription. Hadn’t turned Xbox in 12+ months. Great solution for school holidays!