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Free Protein or Sport Supplement Sample (60 Samples to Choose from), No Order Required @ VPA


Please complete the form below and our warehouse staff will be glad to send you a Delicious free sample (there are over 60 different samples to choose from).

Once every 3 months, provided that you've placed an order in-between your prior sample and the current. Why? -it's fairly self-explanatory but this is to avoid the system being abused. Please don't request special treatment as it puts our customer service staff in an awkward position. We have set aside a large budget for our free samples so that supplement users all over Australia can benefit. We don't wish to have this abused so please do the right thing.

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  • +12 votes

    We don't wish to have this abused so please do the right thing.

    This isn't going to end well.


    Phone number verification required. Not worth it for me


      Just curious why? Do you usually put fake numbers?

      • +6 votes

        To not get spammed, number sold to third party, being annoyed in general


          So fake numbers? Cause a lot of samples do ask for numbers


    got it.. cheers!


    Years ago I bought their sample pack with all the different flavours. I absolutely loved the rainbow flavour


    got my sample today. bonus: $2.20 stamp wasn't cancelled \o/