Stationary Bikes for Exercise

Hi all,

I'm looking for a reasonably priced stationary bike to use at home. What should I be looking for in a good one? What's a good brand to look for? What kind of price should I be looking at spending? How many mortgages should I take out to afford one?


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      At these prices, buy a wheel on (much cheaper) or direct drive smart trainer and use it with a regular bike. Then you get the option of taking it outside when you're bored of indoor training. Yes, you need to buy a trainer and a bike but you get the ultimate in flexibility.

      Wahoo, Tacx, Saris et al.

      Plus, Watopia is pretty fun.

      • Zwift is excellent software to train with . But a dedicated smart bike start at around $4000 AUD !.

        If you have a bike entry level Wheel on Smart trainers are around just over $500 AUD for a Garmin/Tacx flow. Direct drive smart trainers (which are better) start at around $800 AUD

        I use a older Tacx Bushido on Zwift, a wheel on trainer .. if I was replacing it I would look for a direct drive trainer as you do get a little wheel slip etc on the wheel on trainer. Also the more expensive direct drive trainers have a motor to better simulate going down hill …

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    Nature Strips offer a wide variety of models

  • Look for an ex Gym unit, like Precore, Lifefitness etc. Usually much better units than equivalently priced new exercise bikes

    • Where would I go to find something like that? Are there any auctions that specialises in ex-Gym units?

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    Stationary Bikes for Exercise

    Other than exercise what else can a stationary bike be used for?

  • If you already have a bicycle (of any kind e.g. road bike, mountain bike, hybrid bike), you could get a smart trainer.

    Wahoo, Tacx and Elite are the main brands.

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    Not sure about your specific circumstances but should a smart trainer ( + a bike to go on it) be an option for you, I would highly recommend it. Not only does it give you the flexibility of having a bike to use for other activities and general fitness (this might be a non factor to you) but the resistance and realism of the simulator is much better.

    I've done my fair share of indoor riding and would have simply just given up if it was a stationary non-smart trainer, zwift (which is subscription based) lets you cycle famous courses around the world and you can see all the other riders around you, when theres a hill, you see it, then the resistance hits, its great fun.

    As others have mentioned in the thread, they can be expensive, but a wheel on trainer will be around $700-900 + a a serviceable road bike (2nd hand) around $800-1200. A wheel off trainer, which is better may be anywhere between $900-1500 (keep in mind they all sell out FAST when a state locks down)

  • Come ride with me on Zwift !

    • Ozbargain zwift ride?

  • Head on over to Watopia

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    I am lazy and hate exercising. I know nothing about exercise bikes, but bought this one ($240) to get me started.

    Is it any good? Dunno, but it does me for 20 mins 5 times a week. I needed to replace the footstraps after a couple of years ($20 a pair I think).

    If I enjoyed exercising, I might invest more in something better, but I am happy with what I have.

    • That looks incredible value to me for the price. Handlebar pulse sensors are useless though.

      • Yeah, I couldn't get any of the gadgetry to work. I just use it for vanilla cycling.

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