Omnidesk Vs Desky | Sit Stand Desk | 1500x 750

Hi all,

EOFY sale got me sitting on the fence between the Omnidesk Pro 2020 and the Desky Dual Melamine Sit Stand Desk.

There is roughly a $100 price difference between the Omnidesk Pro Black and the Desky Dual Melamine (they do have a nice range of selection however)

There are heaps of videos on the Omnidesk and reviews compared to Desky so I like to hear your opinion on which is better.

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  • ZenSpace Desks

    • no sale

      • If you sign up you get 10% off instantly. That was the case when I got mine mid last year.

  • I have an Omnidesk Pro (XL) with the standing mat, cable management bar, CPU holder, wireless charger, power bar and the arc pro single. It's just black with straight edges.

    I'm 6'4 and I've got plenty of room both standing up and sitting down.

    I'm happy with it. It looks sharp and professional in my study but the desktop surface can accumulate marks and scratching if you're not careful. ‚Äč

    I can't compare to Desky because I don't know anything about it.

    What I can say is that if you do get a motorised standing desk, stick a powerboard on the underside of the desktop so that you don't accidentally pull out any power cables when you elevate the desk. You should consider a cable management bar or rack since it's important that the underside doesnt become a forest of cables hanging down when the desk goes up. The taller you are, the more of an issue this is.

    Also, if you've got hard flooring, either wear slippers or get a standing mat.

    • How do you rate the accessories you got with your Omnidesk? I'm looking at the CPU holder, arc pro single (for a 49" if they confirm it'll be ok), cable management bar, and potentially the power bar and drawer.

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    • Damn thats tuff…

      I ended up going with ZenDesk.

      • What's your thoughts on zendesk? I'm looking to buy one now

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          So far so good.
          Took me about 2 hours to set up by myself. Delivery was decent. Table is very sturdy.

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