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[Afterpay] Britax Safe N Sound Maxi Guard Car Seat (Grey and Black Only) $313.65 (Was $469) Delivered @ Baby Bunting eBay


Good price if you are looking for a Britax Maxi Guard, further 15% off from already discounted price of $369 @ Baby Bunting eBay store. i have a maxi guard pro but I bought a maxi guard for second car. only difference between the two is cup holders and seat fabric I think. Free Postage.

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  • Does this replace the Millenia?

    • From the site, it seems like this one is only for 12M to 8 years whereas the Millenia is for 0-4 years.

    • B-First replaces the Millenia. Both big chunky seats

      • Does that mean the Millenia has been discontinued? Just checked and B-First is a lot more pricier!

        • Yes, I believe so. Some stores may still have old stock though

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      No Millenia is still there. this seat is meant for older children.

  • How does this compare to Graphene. Was planning to buy Graphene as Millenia is not available anywhere.

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      found this online

      The Britax Graphene has a width of 44cm, while the Britax Millenia has width of 47cm and the Platinum Pro is 50cm in width. If you intend to fit 3 car seats across the back row, only the narrow base of the Graphene will fit in most cars. For families with 1 or 2 children, the Millenia or the Platinum Pro would be an easy fit in the car. If you car is wide, then you may still have space to fit an adult in the back seat. While the seat is in a rearward facing position, the specifications shows the Graphene requires 52cm distance between the back seat and the front seat, while the Millenia and Platinum Pro requires

      Also if you are in VIC free installation through government subsidized program via Kidsafe Victoria, book on website.

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      This is a completely different seat - forward facing only. I wouldn't go forward fcing until you have to. Graphene is a great seat though, compact so fits in small cars easily.

      • Yes forward facing cannot be used unless your child is 1 year old and is at a certain height, we made our sons seat forward facing at 2 years. this seat is more for older kids definitely not newborns or infants.

        • Technically the MGP can do 6m onwards but I wouldn't. Not in a million years!

          • @nafe: Yup that's way too young. i would say keep rearward faced for at least 2 to 3 years.

            • @sammyla: I'm only changing mine in the next couple of months as #2 needs his seat, so he will move to a Maxi Guard at 2yr 7m. He could stay rear facing til at least 3 but then I'd have to buy another 0-4 for #2! :(

              • @nafe: haha spend spend spend, how expensive are kids??, we had a newborn 2 months ago and my older son is almost 4 and a half, newborn gets all the hand me downs which would actually cost a fortune if I had to buy them new!! in fact I would recommend to any future parents spend a bit more and buy good quality clothes, shoes and toys etc so you can reuse and donate after they are no longer needed(don't ever forget Lego lol, my older son neatly displays his Legos and im glad they are all complete)

                • @sammyla: You got lucky there. My wife buys all new stuff for our daughter because 'it's not fair for her to get hand-me-downs' or 'I don't want her in boys clothes'. She's 18 months old! Costs us a bloody fortune.

  • Thanks OP. Made the purchase. Great baby car seats Britax Safe N Sound. Got this for my second car also.

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      Also if you are in VIC free installation through government subsidized program via Kidsafe Victoria, book on website.

      • Brilliant thanks for the information. I'll definitely use this.

  • "Suitable for: 12 Months to 8 Years". I wish it was 0 to 4years.

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      Try the Graphene - it's worth spending extra for the safety of your bub IMHO

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        Yes I'll probably do that, comes down to $407.15 with the code.

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    Thanks for sharing. I bought the pro.

  • No isofix which is a surprise

    • That seems to be the case for a lot of seats that are not rearward facing

      • Yup.

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      ISOFIX car seats are only approved and available up until the age of 4 years old in Australia.

      This being 0-8 means no ISOFIX.

      • Bloody stupid!

        I had the ISOFIX MaxiCosi until my daughter get out of it, now have 2 of these (1 for each car), plus recently bought cheapish booster seats for when we’re giving someone a lift.

        This seat is good and has a decent size range, my tall 7yo still fits!

      • Thanks. I didn't know this. Our current seat is a 0-4 with isofix so figured that they would have for older ones too

        • There is a weight limit on ISOFIX. The connectors wont hold for bigger heavier seats and larger children. Hence the 0-4 seats only.

    • I was told it's not yet OZ approved on forward facing only seats

      • Its not rated on car seats past 4 years. Britax have IsoFix rated seats that go 0-4. But this seat is up to 8 years.

  • I am pretty sure this is the one our 3 year old has. I never thought kids would care about cup holders, but she does.

    For some reason this brand score low on safety reviews, but it seems well build etc.

    • The Child Car Seats "ratings" are hit and miss because of the methods they use. They are not a good indicator of the true safety of the seats.

  • Tip. If you go in store and find one that has been on display for about 2 years. They'll knock another 10 or so percent off.

    Once they get 2 years old, they have a policy not to sell them.

    We got ours on a similar 15% off deal, then another % because it was 1.x years on display.

    The seats are only legal for 10 years, so at 8 they don't sell them. We will only need our seats 5-6 years so it worked out well.

  • Thanks OP. Got the Guard Pro.

    • also went the maxi guard pro

      • What colour did you get I wonder? I was looking for the Kohl but seems like none in stock

        • pebble grey

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