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Ron Zacapa Centenario XO Solera Gran Reserva Especial Rum 700mL $137.27 Delivered @ BoozeBud


Seems the cheapest price for this rum. Use promo code CFBUDS21 once per user (seems generic). Minimum Spend $150.

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    Frack. This is an amazing rum. I must resist, but I am weak willed

    • +1

      Just buy it Sydney boy James. It makes lockdown enjoyable.

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    With cashrewards $5.77, comes too $131.50. One of the best rums out there in my opinion.

    • Not sure of cash rewards as the coupon code is not listed. But great price for a great drop.

  • What does CFBUDS21 give?

  • I just ordered and it tracked for me straight away

    • But later they will reject

      • You're probably right, ohwell either way still a cheap price for a great drink as mentioned

  • +2

    I used to enjoy the ‘standard’ 23 back in the day until the price became just ridiculous.

    Just be aware that these are rather young rums. I heute using the ‘Solera’ method, borrowed from Spanish Sherry making, which blends spirits of different ages over time. The majority of the Zacapas apparently have an average age of somewhere around six years with 5% or so of 23 year old added.

    What irks me - but might not be an issue for others - is that their rums (like quite a few others) are sweetened with sugar after the fact and they’re anything but open about it. https://thefatrumpirate.com/when-is-rum-not-a-rum

    • Mind blown, I had no idea these premium rums were just dropping in the sugarbombs, coloring and dodgying up the liquids age…

      Also another good site I now just found on the Great Rum Wars https://www.spirit-animal.org/reviews/ron-zacapa-centenario-....

      Thanks outofgamut for opening my eyes to one of my (previous?) favorite drops of rum..

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