Laptop Needed for Kids

Current situation: Under lock down + School holidays

You get the gist.

Looking for cheap laptop for browsing and some application use so kids can use (under 10)

Any recommendations for a maximum $300-$400 max?


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    i grabbed this for my kid during the last lockdown, and its pretty good for the price. My kids school uses all the google suite

    • Chrome OS

      Not sure how tech savvy OP is so I think this needs to be mentioned and potentially researched.

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        there's really not much to Chrome OS. It's basically Android. In addition, buying from Amazon you'll get it in a couple of days

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          I agree. Only mentioned in case OP is not aware of its potential limitations if they have certain software requirements.

        • I've noticed my Amazon purchases are taking longer than normal to process. One still hasn't shipped from last Thurs (or Fri?)

          • @BewareOfThe Dog: i ordered that laptop on a Friday, and got delivery on a Monday (not via Prime) - this was couple of weeks ago

            • @supasaiyan: Probably taking longer over the next few weeks. Hopefully AusPost, Aramex and CP put some more drivers back on to cope.

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    Do you need MS Windows, IOS or Chrome OS?

    Good time to buy, as units are reduced for tax time.

    Cheaper Windows/Chrome units usually have MMC storage, instead of SSD which can be slower.

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      Do you need MS Windows, IOS or Chrome OS?

      Most likely…

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        Kid might be advanced and using Linux

        • fair point…

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    I suggest a laptop because a tablet is too mobile. They tend to get dropped and damaged much easier. ChromeBook is great and you can get some decent ChromeBook at the $300 - 400 range. I suggest you get a laptop with 14/15 inch screen with 1080p resolution.

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    • Condition

      Just so OP is aware

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        goes with this…

        so kids can use (under 10)

        • I agree.

          • @MS Paint: Also, with this seller…

            We Provide A 180 Day Warranty On All Items

            Which is not common on ebay…

  • How about a used business-grade laptop? like a Thinkpad, Hp Probook, or Dell Latitude?

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    IdeaPad Slim $461 delivered

    14″ FHD (1920×1080) TN 220nits Anti-glare
    Intel Core i3-1005G1
    8GB RAM
    128GB SSD

    JV's recommendation for a T-series Lenovo does actually make sense, the Lenovo T series are sturdy laptops made to last, and they are likely going to have CPU's much faster than one found in a sub $400 brand new laptop.

    $479 is a bit much to pay for used unit though, if you search around you can find a few listings that go for less than $400.

    • you can find a few listings that go for less than $400.

      Sure, but do the have 100% +ve feedback and 180 day warranty ?

    • Be aware in my experience Ideapad support is terrible and the units of much lower quality than their ThinkPads.

      I would personally never buy Ideapad again. A $1500 odd laptop ended up costing me over $2100 when you include repairs "just outside of warranty period " etc. There seems to be no leniency there on the warranty period on their Ideapads either. 4 months after the repair it failed again. No more. Ever.


  • I am currently setting this up for my 9 y.o.

    It's not very powerful but has a touchscreen and 2-in-1 design

    Had looked at Chromebooks but her school advised that some of the activities require a windows machine

  • $300 to $400 is a very, very basic laptop with extremely limited capability, limited power and limited life.
    Will be horribly SLOW!
    And definitely limited game playing if any at all

    All its good for is internet browsing and preparing word doc assignments.
    Your kids will expect much more so its a waste of money

    • Those limitations can be useful though, especially when it is being used by a child. I prefer my daughter uses the device for schoolwork and stick to playing on her iPad. It will also be less annoying if it gets destroyed at school as I didn't pay much for it.

      • 100% correct!

        Have you considering buying used desktops?

        Good ones selling for $60 to $100

        And virtually unbreakable

        • A bit tricky to take a desktop to school 🤣