Acer Nitro 5 - Black Screen on First Boot Everyday

Hi All,

I have searched google and watched YouTube videos but I can not find the solution.

The laptop it self works fine, gaming is all good (Warzone / Battlefield 4), no lag etc, however, after a recent windows update (Maybe about 3 weeks ago) the laptop boots up with black screen every day for the first time I turn it on.

I then have to power cycle it by holding the power button for 5 seconds to turn it off. Then when I turn it on it works fine and boots up to the log in screen etc. First world problems, takes an extra 15 seconds to do this but it is weird.

Any idea what could be the issue? Only asking here because a lot of people here seem to know a lot about computers!

Thank you in advance.

Acer Nitro-5 AN515-55
i5 10-300H
1650 ti
16gb RAM (added 8gb myself from a base of 8gb) - same mhz



    Do you see the green ACER logo screen when you have the issue?

    Has this only happened since you upgraded the RAM? Might be worth a test to take out your upgraded RAM and see if it still happens.

    Can you roll back a version of windows 10 and see if it still occurs?



      Yeah the Acer Logo comes on and then goes to black screen (I use external monitor). When power cycle it does the same thing but starts up fine straight to log in screen.

      Has happened 6 months after I upgraded the RAM.

      Any idea how to roll back windows?


        Does it do it without the external monitor plugged in? Could be a video output selection issue.

        Roll back instructions


    16gb RAM (added 8gb myself from a base of 8gb)



      I added this in December (when I got the laptop) and the issue has only started recently.


    ok, go on the acer website, make sure the graphics card and bios is updated to the latest.

    My bet is there is a bios related issue. like fastboot or something like that.

    I'd also consider refreshing your pc.


      I would recommend updating video driver via GeForce experience rather than via Acer direct. Current BIOS is 1.33 off the top of my head.

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    Thanks guys, I will try the above recommendations.


    I have same issue as you but my Nitro 5 AN515-55-528T newly bought in Harvey Norman seven days ago. Nothing had been upgraded, so, it should not caused by RAM for sure. I update my BIOS today, and will see how it will go tomorrow morning.


      How do you update BIOS ? Did you have a link?


        go here

        • Enter SNID
        • Select drivers and manuals
        • Select OS
        • Download latest BIOS zip file (1.33). Extract.
        Make sure laptop is plugged in.
        • Run .exe file and follow prompts. Takes about 90 seconds. System will reboot. Done

        It's very very simple.


    Make sure it's not a rogue USB device. Unplug everything and see if that fixes it.

    Otherwise it's likely your BIOS