CPU Cooler, Case and RAM


Can anyone suggest a cooler (priority 1), case (priority 2) and RAM (priority 3) to go with a 5600X, and MSI Magforce x570 and 3070?

Have the parts already and an old case and spare 16 DDR 4 Ram (3200) that I can use for now along with an Inwin 750 Gold PSU.

Anything at the eBay plus sale worth getting?

Many thanks.


  • If you can’t get close to MSRP on RTX3070
    I would suggest going prebuilt system, will save you more money.

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    comes with a cooler doesnt it? Can use that until a sale comes up

    Case I would get something like a Lancool Mesh II - or a meshify C - really up to you - maybe have an idea of cooler though for clearance

    Ram - G skill is always good.

    • Some places are selling the 5600X tray version for $399. Tray CPU's do not come with a fan, box or tray etc as they are for system builders and oem's and they use their own fans and do not need the box as it's designed for a system that they "should" put it in.

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    Case: lian li mini is on sale now in centrecom
    ram: g.skill or corsair

  • Sorry to clarify. I already have an Arsecrusher Techfast R3600 3070 GTX system that I am going to strip for the GPU and give most of the other parts to my son.

    Separately I bought a tray 5600X that does not have a cooler. Also have the MSI motherboard and PSU for my own build.

    I need a cooler, and a case (will check out the Centrecom link), and some RAM (can use the Arsecrusher 16GB 3200 DDR for now).

  • Hyper 212X would be fine for the 5600x

  • Cooler: Noctua ?

  • How about a 240 AIO? I like quiet builds and for under $80, 240 AIOs make a lot of sense.


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