Best Bank to Offer Cardless Cash for Free

I would like to open up a bank account that offers cardless cash as we are with NAB and they take years to catch up to the competition. From what I have read ANZ is the best option as you can use Apple Pay but you have to get your income deposited to save on the $5 monthly fee.

The other options are Commonwealth Bank and Westpac but you have to deposit income as well. I know I can go to the Westpac subsidiaries Bank of Melbourne, BankSA and St George Bank but I've 2 of 3 before and they aren't great.

Has anyone else got any suggestions or ideas?


  • St George is totally free. Owned by westpac.

    Good for paying people off without meeting them, as you just give them the cardless cash amount and single use number and they can get their money from any Westpac group ATM. Not linked to you in any way, and they get no personal details from you.

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      It's as though a drug dealer came up with this concept.

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        TIL - banks are huge drug lords

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          And more evil.

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    Deposit requirements don't mean it has to be wages/salary. I just transfer $2000 back and in to my CBA account then straight back out every month to avoid the monthly account fee. Only takes a couple of minutes max when doing it via PayID/Osko.

    • Good point I thought of that but didn't think that would be acceptable. Glad to hear it works for you - I'll set up an ANZ account then ;)

      I would set up an automatic direct debit on 2 different days so I wouldn't even have to do it every month.

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        This method works a treat … I just have a float that circulates through a few banks for this purpose … stays in one bank for a couple of days, before moving to the next.

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          Awesome cheers 👍🏽

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    I reckon Commbank would do that for you. I'd keep NAB just in-case as backup.

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    Also consider which bank’s ATMs are close to home, where you work or shop.

    No point signing up with ANZ if CBA has ATMs where you need them.

    Do note that banks are removing ATMs, as people are not using cash as much as they use EFTPOS.