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20% off Macadamias + $9 Shipping (Free over $50 Spend) @ Macadamias Australia


Save 20% on our range of premium macadamia nuts using the code EOFY21 at checkout. Offer ends midnight June 30. Free shipping Australia-wide on all orders above $50. Standard shipping $9 nationwide. Excludes 1kg nut in shell bag, raw macadamia pieces and nut hammer. Online only. Not available with any other offer.

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Macadamias Australia
Macadamias Australia

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    not that cheap compared to this, 400g is $26 ($20.8 when 20% off) + delivery,

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      buy $50 worth to get free shipping, bypass woolies and give profit direct to a farm instead

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    Love the logo! What's the difference between the raw macadamias from your website and the ones from Coles e.g. 400g for $18? Keen to know as I'm a fan of the Macadamia

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      Our macadamias are grown on our farm here in Bundaberg, QLD and sourced from likeminded local growers. We carefully monitor everything from our farming practices to our packaging to ensure our nuts meet the highest quality standards.

      • Thanks, that’s interesting but is there a difference? In other words, why buy your macadamias? (Genuinely interested and considering buying)

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          Thanks for asking. In a lot of cases, the macadamias you find in packets in larger grocery chains brands are sourced from a many different locations.

          We specialise in growing and processing the highest quality single origin macadamias and, as a result, we are one of Australia’s largest single-variety plantations and the only macadamia processor in the country to market 100% of our own production. This means our customers have the confidence of knowing exactly where their nuts come from and that they will meet their quality expectations.

          We know our customers want the freshest, crunchiest nuts possible, so we invest in premium, metalised and resealable packaging so your nuts stay fresh and crunchy for as long as possible.

          When you buy our macadamias you’re also supporting a home-grown family business that employs locally, and has a steadfast commitment to the long-term health of our environment by practising sustainable and socially responsible farming methods.

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            @MacadamiasAustralia: Thanks. So the quality is higher mainly, and supporting smaller business.

            The ones at the supermarkets are usually pretty soggy and beaten up.

            This reminds me of salmon. There’s a huge difference in the salmon at supermarkets and that which you get when buying direct from Huon.

            The local farmers markets here in Victoria are another example where you get noticeably better quality buying direct, but it comes at a price.

            Hope that helps others here.

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    $9 shipping kills the deal.

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    Also cheaper at nutsaboutlife.com.au (Aussie origin if that's a concern).

    Weird deal.

  • had the honey ones when Aldi had them, damn they were awesome and a lot cheaper than the website :(

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    Way too expensive compared to woolies (which is, of course, also Australian macadamias, I do not think any other sources are present on the market).

    This could work if you had not excluded from the deal the items people otherwise would settle for (pieces and shelled nuts).

    While I understand that it must be very hard to compete with such giants as Woolworths this deal that you published is not a deal by definition. There is no additional value in your nuts to justify spending more money for a regular customer. You are still trying to exert maximum profit from this deal. While I do not know how recent economical changes affected your business in particular it is a fact that in general supermarkets and food suppliers are making a lot more profit now while food prices quickly go up. So it would not hurt to actually offer a genuine deal for people.

    • Personally, I find the supermarket Macadamias to always have a not so great proportion of the sour/rotting ones (which sadly you usually can't identify till chewing them). And given how the big two have bent farmers over on stuff like milk prices before, it wouldn't surprise me if they're doing the same for nuts.

      I'll be buying a couple of the vanilla and lemon myrtle ones at least just because I've never seen those flavours anywhere before, and the 20% does work on those so not too bad of a deal I'd say.

    • I reckon this is a deal.

      Woolies roasted macadamias are lower quality and cost $18 for 400g.

      Wooles Macro (non-organic) are better, but raw cost $12 for 225g, which comes to $21.33 for 400g.

      This deal with 20% off is $20.79 for 400g pack (providing you get enough for free shipping).

      Having tried both Woolies and Macadamias, I reckon the former are higher quality and better deal.

      I'd much rather give my money directly to a local producer, than to Woolies (and I own WOW shares).

  • This deal is nuts!

  • Ordered from u. Drove by recently in a road trip passing Bundy and u were closed for renos or something. Guess i can try now!

  • Missed the deal. Any more coming out?

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