Under $1000-$1500 gaming laptop? Possible?

Hi. Looking for a gaming laptop. I’m not after anything too pricey, since I don’t think I play intense games.

It’s like I said previously relaxing or story driven RPGS etc.

The less the better :) thanks

Don’t care how it looks or brand. Just something that is reliable.


    • I think what’s throwing me is that most times I see a deal someone says it’s crap or has problems. Eg. Dells hinge issues. ASUS apparently build quality doesn’t last long? Etc.

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        Unfortunately you will get that with any deal.

        Just remember that bad reviews generally are more visible online than good reviews. People rarely go out of their way to review something that is good, but will raise hell on earth if they feel like they've been ripped off by 10c (like this Dude…).

        I tend to watch youtube reviews by big names, Jarrod's Tech, Dave2D etc to get a less biased review of these things and take that with a little more validity than some dude on a forum complaining.

        Hell, on most of those Alienware deals that popped up about 2-3 months ago with 3080 builds at $3,000 there were people saying don't buy price will drop next month, hash limiter coming, don't buy it, they suck etc… does exactly what the missus needs and no issues.

        • Oh my god, lol @him. Point taken.

          Thank you for linking some good deals. I’m also going to check out those you tubers you’ve listed for some insight. This has been super helpful.

          I’m used to getting hand downs so was confused about everything haha.

          Thank you again!

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    Absolutely! If your game is Minesweeper or Solitaire you can go pretty cheap…

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    From my research into gaming laptops, just watch out for ones that have bad thermals and easily overheat (e.g. Dell G15, Asus TUF). While gaming laptops have a lot of heat purely because of all the components crammed into a small space, there are models where the overheating is consistently raised, so just watch out there. I ended up grabbing a Legion 5 as it apparently has a decent cooling system.

    • So I’m actually considering the Legion 5. How do you like it? What’s the most intense game it can tolerate ?

      • I quite like it, the build quality is good and it is quiet when doing non-gaming things on it. Depending on the model you are going for (1650ti for ~$1200 on sale), it can handle recent games, as long as you don't expect super high frame rates. One thing I like about the Legion 5 is Lenovo didn't cheap out on the cooling system, it's the same whether you get the GTX1650ti or the RTX3060. It's a gaming laptop so performance won't be equivalent to a desktop, but coming from a console, it is an improvement. It also supports a second m.2 drive, so I chucked in a 1TB which was very easy to do.