Coles Mobile Internet Super Slow

Recently ported over to Coles mobile and realised internet is slow AF. 5mbs+

Have full 4g bars, tried their online chat support via app, which pointed me to optus help guides, still slow internet speed.

How's about everyone else? Would love to know pls.

In contrast my family members amaysim 4g is like 80mbs+

Thinking of asking for a refund, will go to ombudsman if they don't resolve the issue.

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    Down, down, bandwidth is down!

    • Lol

  • I have also recently ported over to coles from TPG and I'm facing the same issues. Sometimes the internet just refuses to connect. I think I made the wrong descision.

    • :( time to get the pitch forks out…

  • I'm assuming you are at the same premises?

    Maybe you could check which band it is connecting to.

  • I have only 1-2 bars at home from either Boost (Testra), Optus and Vodafone. Speed around 2-5Mps download. Same with Coles Mobile.

    When I'm out about 1km from house, all 5 bars. Speed approx 53Mps.

    • Edit: currently at Sydney Olympic Park, speed is 74/42.

  • I only see 3G internet on Coles mobile. My first day to activate the sim and am stuck with 3G internet. Not happy.
    How do you get 4G? My location is fine and I used to get 4G with Optus prepaid.

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