This was posted 6 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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MOFT X 7.9"/10.5" (Expired) Tablet Stands $5 + $4.99 Delivery ($0 In-Store /C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


My kickstand broke, so thought this was worth a try at $5.

Selling at over $45 elsewhere, like at Officeworks.

A review.

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  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks, op, got one.

  • Thanks OP, will give it a try at this price

  • thanks mate
    not bad at all for 5 buck
    ops @Jb association :/

  • Too small for the 11” Galaxy Tab S7?

    • I will tell you how it goes with 12.4" galaxy tab s7+ when I get the one I bought.

      For the record bought it for my alldocube iplay 20 pro.

      Not going to use it on my tab s7+ as that's got a keyboard cover with its included kickstand back cover.

      • Thanks mate, but they’re unlikely to have stock by then. My S7 also has a keyboard cover with a kickstand but that doesn’t work in portrait mode.

        • Well it's $5. So not much far off the price of a cup of coffee. So doubt it would break the bank if you bought one.

          • @xoom: It’s actually $10 with the shipping, as pickup is not available near me. Pulled the trigger anyway, as the video review said it’s suitable fir up to 12”.

      • I too got mine for my alldocube iplay 20, ozbargain twinsies~

  • Awesome!

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed one to try with my new Samsung Tab A7 10.4 …….for $5 why not :-)

  • +1

    How does it attach to your tablet? Magnets?

    Would it work over an iPad folio?

    • Sticky pad on the back from what I can see.

  • The phone stand is not on special.
    Brought a 10.5 for kid's 10.2 iPad, it should work I think.

    • +1

      What else did you bry?

      • Lol,

  • Does anyone what size to go for an iPad 7th gen 10.2"?

    • I went with the 10.5" for my 10.1" alldocube iplay 20 pro. Looking at the pics from jbhifi site. The stand is quite a bit smaller than the actual back of the tablet.

  • Keeps looping in checkout for me

  • +1

    This is their original Kickstarter page, which has a bit more info on the product- dimensions, what surfaces it works on etc:

  • +3

    Plus $5 for delivery

    • yep kills it

    • But this is attached to the tablet. Not saying it's good or bad either way. Just saying some might prefer that.

      • That's what I don't like. It will become less sticky after a few months.
        But yeah I like it's very portable

        • Sticky in a few months………well I hope it's sticky to begin with so that it stays attached. The sticky stuff looks like the gel than one wets when it begins to dry out to make it sticky again. Time will tell when I pick one up.

    • Ikea ones are static position not to mention not exactly portable. Not Apples for Apples comparison at all.

  • I bought one with a similar design from Aliexpress. It got magnet for the ease of unfolding. This interferes with the S Pen recognition in the screen area where the magnet is located.

  • Will this work for a small laptop?

    • Kind of defeats the point of a laptop

      • Lol I've never used my laptop on my lap

  • Don't like the idea of sticking it to the back.

    • +1

      You can stick to your case to avoid mess.

  • ozbargained already - no delivery available.

    • Was never any delivery when I got mine. Just looked for the shop I can easily get to.

  • Just grabbed one for my ipad mini! thanks OP!

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