How Long Does Auspost Take to Respond to Missing or Lost Item Enquiries

So I got an item getting delivered and its way past the estimated delivery time-frame. Last week I submitted an enquiry and I have yet to hear back from AusPost.
Was just wondering how long does it typically take AusPost to reply, if ever, for those people who have dealt with AusPost before.

Starting to think item has been lost in the mail lol.

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  • Enquiry: 7 September 2020, 5:38 pm

    Response: 29 October 2020, 11:39 am

    • Noice did you ever get it delivered

      • Nope!

        Thank you for raising this query with us regarding that distinctive and sentimental letter you were expecting from the United Kingdom. I understand that some time has passed since you raised this case, my apologies for the delay in our response to you.

        I have performed searches of our Returned Mail Redistribution Centre, using keywords and parts of the address you have provided and this has yielded no matches unfortunately. Had I been able to make a match, I could provide them with your unit no. and recommendation for delivery.

        I do hope that local knowledge trumped process and that this letter was able to be updated and delivered to you. Often our delivery staff know who resides where and are able to make interventions and small amendments.

        If that is not the case, we can keep checking the RMRC to see if it shows there. We would ask that you reach out to us in every instance that you wish us to run searches in that platform.

  • I would recommend calling them

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    Respond? Usually a few weeks.
    Resolve? Usually never.

  • I raised an enquiry re an eBay item and they merely referred me to the seller/sender after a month or more.

  • Has there been any movement on the tracking? I’ve found once it changes to delayed I’ve got little chance of it getting delivered.
    For me Australia Post usually takes a couple of weeks to get back to me.

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    Took them an hour to respond to my query and find my item, which was obviously just sitting in the sorting centre somewhere. Had been sitting there for a week. I did call them though, not go through some online form. Be prepared for an absolutely terrible automated phone system.

  • I got a call within a day recently
    Amazon wine was smashed and returned. Amazon gave me refund pretty quickly after a call

  • I'd be calling them, those online enquiry forms usually take ages to get a reply.

    Most of the time Auspost are pretty useless though, I had a rifle go missing with Auspost when it was transferring between firearm dealers last year, for nearly a month it was missing and they had no idea where it was. They knew it was a rifle and that it was missing, after a bunch of calls there response was "It'll likely turn up eventually". That it did, but it was pretty concerning they had no idea where it was.

  • Bout as long as it takes for them to deliver a parcel 22klms… I'd say 4-5 weeks.

  • couple weeks

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    Auspost are on Messenger, they reply when they can within 24hr period but this was about a year ago.
    Never found the item, but managed to get the seller to resend after submitting a stat dec and lots of back and forth.

  • Highly variable it seems. I've queried a merchant where's my parcel late in the arvo and they've already came back with the Auspost tracking thing/POD by noon the following day.

    If it involves questioning a delivery driver then it will be a couple of weeks.

  • Last time I did it, they responded within a day and told me the seller had to open a case since they had posted it - would recommend you do this ASAP. So I contacted the seller via eBay, gave my case number asked for the cases to be linked (this was a Monday) by Friday they declared my item was probably lost - was delivered to work so no chance of it being taken from my door step or anything. By the next Wednesday, Aus post paid out the seller and the seller paid me the next day.

  • Usually within a few days for me. When my parcel shows its been in transit/depot for a long time, I usually just send an enquiry online. Most of the time, it's been sitting at the wrong post office and hasn't been scanned in. I only received a reply when they found my parcel and it's been organised for delivery.

  • I recently had an ebay express post order that said it had been delivered when it hadn't. On my ebay account I selected 'I didn't receive it'. This was a Friday arvo, I got response from Au Post stating they were investigating and the item arrived first thing Monday morning.

    On the other hand I have had items from various stores not arrive which have been sent through AuPost standard post. I have contacted AuPost via email and it takes up to a week just to get a response but no answer on the parcels whereabouts. I find their FB Messenger team more responsive, very friendly and they do their best to assist. However, they can't always give an answer and you get a response from one person, but even if you reply straight away the response will be from a different person. So I quite often have to re-tell the story as they don't look back through the messages.

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    Even pre Covid, you'd have to wait forever to get a response via their online system. Call them if you want a response this year.

  • HAs the sender also been notified, to raise an enquiry?
    Share your reference number.
    I've sent 1500 items with AusPost since last Feb, and only had 1 issue( There were some late ones due to CV19, however, the receivers, never raised an issue (that I know of).) The issue was a 16in Macbook, where the edge of the box was crushed (despite being in 2 satchels), however, the unit itself was okay. The customer just wanted to make us aware in case the unit didn't work (Chrissy Present). That enquiry only took about 1 day, however we both reported it.

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