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9 Meals for $59 or 30% off Your Entire Order (Non-Recurring, New/Existing Customers) @ Youfoodz

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Got these coupon codes in email, not targeted. Also works with Large meals. Just ordered with THIRTY-DEAL and got a great discount.

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Referee gets up to $200 off split between the first 5 boxes. Referrer get $40 credit.

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    This is a Sha-Shing Sha-Shing deal!.

  • So same price for 9 large meals?

    • +1

      No. $68 for 9 large when I used WINTER-DEAL

  • is it just me or has the food quality over the last few weeks been really poor ?

    • +1

      I have been a bit up and down in Adelaide the last few orders. Yesterdays delivery half the food expires within 3-4 days of me receiving, usually it is a minimum of a week.

      • I have found this as well lately. I have had to freeze some meals as there was so many approaching expiry when delivered

        • I noticed the expiry dates seem much longer in recent deliveries compared to a couple of years ago, which makes me wonder if you do get one with short-dated expiry, then how old is it really …Would be great if they include the date they make the meal (if not already included).

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            @blah-blah: I've asked this of their CS before, and the answer is depends on the menu item. The longest lasting meals is 2 weeks and some meals contain shortert life ingredients is 8 days. So if you receive an item thats less than a week it could have been only cooked a couple of days ago.

            But because the meals are vacuum sealed without oxygen it actaully stays much fresher than a meal you cook yourself and fridge.

  • Has it always been $20 delivery in Perth? That kills the deal.

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