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[NSW] Free Fries, Onion Rings, or Chocolate Thickshake with Any Burger Purchase @ Betty's Burgers (App Required)


Just received this email from Bettys burgers

  • possibly NSW only, and only redeemable via the app.
  • Unsure of the expiry.

'We’ve got your back NSW! We’ve added three new delicious freebies to our app. With any burger purchase, enjoy either FREE

Onion Rings
Chocolate Thick Shake
French Fries

Simply press ‘Claim Freebie’ on the app and then add the freebie item to your cart to redeem.

Spoil yourself this weekend – you deserve it!'

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  • +1 vote

    Small burgers, Slowest service, Hiring underage teenagers wearing poor quality short sleeved clothing during winter and invites creeps.


      Isn't hiring teenagers most burger joints other than the ones that hire pageets. Agree service can be slow but only when it's super busy. Good deal tbh since the shakes are usually $8.


        Cost $1 max for the shakes tbh


      i HATE how their price jumps astronomically when you start to add things (that are normally standard) on their burgers!


        Yeah, 2 slices of pickles for like $2. For $2, I'm expecting a loaded layer of pickles!

        Edit: Just checked menu - egg or pickles $2. How is an egg valued the same as two slices of pickles?!


    I paid four bucks for a coke and it was postmix.

    What horseshit.

  • -2 votes

    Uses plastic cups. So mad. 2/10.


    it will be a deal when it says "Free burger with purchase of Fries, Shake…etc" :-)