Moving iPhone 11 pro max to iPhone Mini 12, opinions & thoughts?

Hi collective

Between juggling kids and life I’m feeling iP11promax is just to heavy and cumbersome, also I’ve found Its fallen a few times lately due to juggling it’s size, only a few inches but it’s cracked my screen protector each time.

I’m considering a swap to the much smaller mini, mainly for form factor and hoping to use my device less for aimless browsing of ozbargain!!

Anyone who’s made the move to ipMini can speak to how it feels to use, smaller keyboard, battery life etc

I’ve played in store for 5 mins and it looks and feels amazing it’s so small which could wear off after a while…

Opinions, thought’s?


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    I don't think it really matters what other people think, it's a subjective matter and entirely your choice. You're the one using it…

    There's always going to be people that love the Mini's size and others that think it's too small. To each their own.

    I got an iPhone SE (Mini size) from work and couldn't stand it being so small even though remember the iPhone 5 being one of my favourite ones. Went back to using my personal iPhone X instead.

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    So I own a iPhone mini that I got from work, great phone but typing long emails/texts could be quite annoying sometimes. Also coz of its size, it has a smaller battery…

    iPhone 12 has a bigger battery and also great for texting, watching videos etc

    These are the most notable differences amongst the two in my opinion..

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    hoping to use my device less for aimless browsing of ozbargain!!

    Blasphemy! 😲

  • Thanks both of you, Maybe I’m bored being new to iPhone, during my long Android usage I’d change devices every 6-8 mths (usually clearance deals, never full price 😇😃)

    I’ve picked up a cheap mini case to play about with the size, possible next issue is finding a 256gb model on clearance…

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      Sounds like you are just bored in general and the symptoms of FOMO via browsing on OzB deals is making you swap phones for no reason.

      Its not the iP11 being too big that's your problem. So not sure how side-grading devices will alleviate your issues. Think about it.

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    I’ve got a 12mini, and I think they’re absolutely fantastic - absolutely the right size/form/speed. The battery is less than the current larger models sure, BUT to compare it to the iPhone X, I think the battery lasts a little longer than that. Bring back the smaller phone, I say.

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      +1 from me. I have the exact same sentiments. Each to their own though. It wont be for everyone.

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    My friend purposely chose the mini on release for the form factor and never regretted. Seems like most mini owners.

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    Yeah, I had the iPhone 11 Pro for a couple of weeks and it was far too big and heavy, causing me pain in my hand and wrist. I took it back to the apple store and swapped it for an SE which my hubby now has. I’m on the iPhone 12 mini and like it. The screen is bigger than SE without the body being bigger. The camera seems good so far.

  • Thanks everyone, I’m very tempted to make the change, what’s interesting of the 3 models on display the mini appeared the freshest, most futuristic looking, maybe I’ve reached peak screen size?

  • Go for it you wont regret it. The mini is great. Even better with the deal officeworks had for $884

  • I went from an iPhone 8+ to mini. I held out so long hoping for a small phone with top specs and knew as soon as I saw the mini it was for me.

    The good:
    * I really love how small it is. When I first got it I had to keep checking it was actually in my pocket cause it’s so light. I also love I can fit it in my wallet or clutch so much easier.
    * I watch a lot of Netflix etc/read books on my phone and expected I would just love to using my iPad mini if the mini screen was too small but it’s been fine - prob helps that the screen is so good and the device so light to hold.
    * It’s really fast. You might not notice coming from an iPhone 11 but I certainly did.
    * I actually really like MagSafe. Yes it’s a gimmick that I didn’t expect to use but I love that I can charge the phone while it’s propped up - I have a couple of Belkin MagSafe chargers for this reason. Yes this is an option with non MagSafe wireless charging but it looks so clean with MagSafe.

    The not so good:
    * The battery isn’t as good as I would’ve liked but still better than my old 8+.
    * Typing longer emails can be a bit annoying. I feel like I make more mistakes and need to double check the text - this has improved the longer I’ve had the mini but it’s still something I’m aware of needing to do.
    * Sometimes (not often but it does happen) websites don’t scale properly to the mini. Not sure if this is just a mini issue or would be an issue on any phone.

    I don’t regret the mini.

    • Damn that sound good, I got an Iphone 8+ with a crappy screen replaced in it. Was really considering the Mini. Would be awesome. Maybe its worth the wait for the 13 now..

  • Based on your personal preference. Didn’t know which one to choose, but I finally pulled the trigger on 11 pro max due to 2 reasons: big screen and fantastic battery life. Heavier than my previous phones (8 plus and X) but it’s not that awful.

    • Hope you're aware we're getting iPhone 13 announcements in couple weeks time… Even if you didn't want the latest and greatest, 11 price will plummet further. May want to consider a return if possible.

      • Got a deal from eBay for roughly $800 (brand new in sealed box, full 2-year warranty). Can’t complain at that price.

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