What Do You Think of These Specs ? Building New PC - Budget $5k

Hi everyone,

I'm building a new PC. I've chosen the following hardware parts. I love to get your input.

I'm still unsure about the GPU, though? as It's pushing my 5K budget.

This PC is mainly for Video Editing and Graphic designs, no gaming!

I'm happy to pay an extra $$ to make sure it's a quiet one.

Samsung SSD 980 Pro 271
AMD Ryzen 9 5950x 1149
Asus x570 ROG Strix x570 E 419
G.Skill Trident Z Neo 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3600MHz Desktop RAM 359
MSI Geforce RTX 3080 TI 3099
Thermaltake Water 3.0 360 ARGB Sync 209
Corsair 5000D AIRFLOW ATX 120mm fans Mid-Tower Case 239
Fractal Design 860W Ion Platinum Power Supply 239

Thank you all for your comments:
I already have a 4x500GB SSD
500GB M.2
2x4TB ext HDD

I'm leaning more towards raid now. I've noticed with Premier Pro despite you set the rendering to use the GPU, still maxing your CPU usage.
Therefore relying on both.

Please note: Those price tags are rough estimates taken from Centrecom. Obviously, I'll be looking for the cheapest parts around.




    I mean you might as well since you have 5950x


    Do you need 60% of your budget on a GPU? Does your renderer use CPU cores or GPU?

    Apart from that, since none of your parts actually constitute a bargain, I think you're on the wrong site.

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    That motherboard is $319 at PCCG which seems to be a good price vs other stores right now.

    You could also save some money on the AIO and get an equal/better performing aio the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360mm $189 also at PCCG no RGB though, no idea is you care about that.

    the 5000d is $231.47 on amazon free delivery to save a further few dollars.

    Otherwise looks great.

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    Is the single SSD enough storage there, or do you have some external storage already?

    If the workload isn't running on the GPU or doesn't need that much GPU grunt I'd definitely divert funds from that to other things that will help the workload, like possibly more RAM, or more SSDs to RAID them together (likely both).

    Definitely back up what Axelstrife said above about the Arctic Liquid Freezer AIO, they're basically the best of the best atm and there's an offset kit to optimise positioning for Ryzen 3000/5000 chiplet CPUs as well.

    Regardless I'd put your 360 in the top of that case ejecting out the top and get a set of decent fans for the front intake to supply fresh air to everything else if the case doesn't already come with them (I know the 4000D airflow only has two fans, not sure about the larger 5000 series) Hell that case might even support the 420 version if you want real overkill.

    If there's no gaming and this is for real work, why the Strix mobo? (actually why the strix mobo ever?) X570 is probably a good idea for the extra PCIe 4.0 lanes for more fast NVMe SSDs vs B550, perhaps check the pricing on the Asus TUF X570 or MSI Tomahawk X570.

    Do you need Thunderbolt at all? Even with a PCIe add in card the mobo needs a header to support it, so if you need it you can't just buy anything and add a card. From memory there is only a small number of AMD boards have that header to support Thunderbolt at all (I think some of the ASRock ones like the Taichi? It's been a while since I looked into this)

    Not sure about pricing but part selection wise the PSU and RAM look ok


    The 3080 will pay for itself thanks to the ETH Mcap going to 1t by 2022.


      So do you cash out your ETH or convert to 2.0?


        The most stress-free way to accumulate sats or Ether is to stack them by lending them out, borrow against, and DCA more.

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    Video editing and graphics design is heavy on some components, but not on others.
    Your specs are all high end and as such in say 3 years the system will need an upgrade as video editing and graphics design need upgrades every 3 years or so. Does your budget allow for this every 3 years based on the price of the components you have chosen?

    I have been thinking about upgrading my programming development rig as it's does not have a TPM required for W11 and I will be getting:
    2 x 16GB 3600 $350
    1 x Samy 980 pro 1GB for OS & apps $280
    1 x 4TB HDD for data storage & backups. Allready have it
    1 x Samy 870 EVO 1TB for current dev work. Allready have it
    1 x cheap mid tower with 600watt power supply.
    1 x Gigabyte GA-B550M-AORUS-PRO-P $180
    1 x AMD 7 5700G guess it to be about $550 next month

    In your case you will need more storage and it may be a combination like mine, another fast SSD for working files and min 4TB HDD for storage.
    In your case you will need a better video card, but how fast depends on the apps you use and how much of the GPU V's CPU they use.
    As for CPU if your apps use the GPU then you can scale back the CPU to something like a AMD 5 5600X or a AMD 7 5800X or even a AMD 7 3700X (but you need to then look at the PCI speed as it may slow the overall system down).
    As for water cooling, if you are asking in Ozbargain then it is an overkill or you have way too much money to burn and if this is the case then burn it…


    I can't see the 3080ti delivering much in the way of benefits for video editing over a 3080, yet the price difference is $800. Unless there's some very clear usage that makes it worthwhile, I'd definitely get the 3080 and potentially upgrade at the end of next year.