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½ Price Arnott's Tee Vee Krispy Kreme Biscuits $2, Connoisseur 4/6 Pack $4.30, Frantelle Spring Water 24 Pack $6 (VIC) @ Coles

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    Frantelle Natural Spring Water 24x600mL - $6 Will be around $8.4 in NSW

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      Thanks for the reminder. Was looking at the VIC Catalogue and completely forgot about CDS.

      Checked the NSW Catalogue, and it $9 (not even half price)

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    +1 for the Connoisseur.

    As for the Krispy Kreme, these are the most unpleasant biscuits I've ever consumed. I bought 2x boxes in a previous half-price sale, both went into the bin.

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      Which flavor did you get? I really enjoyed the Cookies and Cream one but heard Original Glaze was garbage

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        The Original Glaze was a bit of a let down. I wouldn't go so far as to call them unpleasant but I agree it is the less exciting flavour out of these

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          I Just found rock hard. Nothing like the dough used in chocolate Tee Vee snacks.

          Even my neighbours tried to offload several unopened boxes on me after a similar experience!

        • I wouldn't go so far as to call them

          I would.

          If enough people complain, they might change the recipe…

      • Original and Strawberry.

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      same here, absolutely awful, too hard and way too sweet.. orig tv snacks much better. krispy kreme went in the bin

    • The Krispy Kreme biscuits, was a great disappointment

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      have to agree… the biscuits were waaaay too hard. to the point where it was an effort just to eat them. taste wasnt anything special either. a big letdown. regular tv snacks are way better.

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      Agreed. I bought some recently in the sale at Coles and was disappointed. Wished I had just bought the regular Teevee snacks which at least have a nice texture to them and are well suited to snacking on whilst watching TV.

      (bought Cookies & Cream flavour which whilst tasting like a C&C donut per the description, it wasn't an enjoyable experience)

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      Yup I bought a box a while ago, took a few bites and threw it away.

      It was so disgusting and hard

    • The Krispy Kreme teeVee snacks really are terrible - too hard and the icing was a bit gross.

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      Same! I saw KK's and bought them. It was a struggle to finish them.

      I wouldn't eat them again even if they were free.

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        You may be the only person to actually finish a box!

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          Because the OzBargain spirit is strong. If you buy the box half price but only eat half the box, then you've essentially paid RRP.

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    Those Krispy Kreme biscuits are bloody terrible. Bland. Even the kids couldn't finish them.

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    The KK biscuits are hard as rocks guys

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      Yep quite ironic considering the doughnuts are like clouds. They've somehow made the collaboration biscuits even harder than the regular line.

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      hard as rocks guys

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • I was extremely surprised by how bad they were, and how all the taste testers at HQ managed to give this a pass.

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    I liked the Strawberry TeeVee snacks… the rest were ordinary.

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    Also confirming those Krispy Kreme biscuits are one of the grossest snacks on the supermarket shelf - not worh the calories.

    Icing is sickly sweet, and the biscuit tastes like a dry dog treat (with the same hardness and texture).

    • The Krispy Kreme biscuits even look like dog treats - (Pups In The Pantry Mutt-Ello Choc Biscuits O's Dog Treat)

    • I feel like the same. And now I know what dog biscuits taste like lol

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    Sicilian Blood Orange and Choc is surprisingly my favourite out of the lot

  • ½ Price Arnott's Tee Vee Krispy Kreme Biscuits

    Please note that these contain egg, so are NOT Vegan !!!

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    As much as i want to try the TeeVee snacks, i found a half live cockroach in my packet when i was 10 that i opened at a tennis court in the middle of a day. Scares me to this day.

    Roach was lifeless, couldn't even crawl out of the box…

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    Don't buy those Krispy Kreme Biscuits!!! They're so crap.

    • Actually feel complete opposite. They're pretty good and do taste exactly like Krispy Kreme's though can't have more than 2 or 3 max at a time.

      • You're welcome to like whatever you want, but … "taste exactly like Krispy Kreme's"? What? Did you actually try one?

        • Yes. I also quite like the 'Simpsons' pink doughnut from Krispy Kreme.

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    Krispy Kreme TeeVee Biscuits, what a let down. They are far too hard, they didn't even use their normal biscuit mix. Massive missed opportunity.

    What is the bet the biscuit was designed to make production easier so they could pump out the cobranded product easily and in lots of flavors. Too much focus on the box & branding ( and paying for the license to Krispy Kreme?) and not enough focus on the actual flavor and texture of the biscuit, people buy it for the eating experience!

    Probably done damage to the brand, it used to be you could trust a box of TeeVee snacks were going to taste good. Most if not all people who buy one box of these will never buy again and could even give any more TeeVee snack collaborations a big miss.

    On sale because nobody is buying them more than once.

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    Probably had to make the biscuit harder to keep the ring shape, otherwise they'd break into pieces in the box

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      Then they succeeded because these things are so hard they could block a bullet

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        Not with a hole in them. Half the surface area. Useless as both sustenance and body armour.

  • I like the original glazed ones, reminds me of those old cinnamon snacks

    • which old cinnamon snaccc?

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        Sorry not cinnamon, i meant to say ginger bread snack like the Pfeffernusse! yum

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